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The Dark Desolater

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After 17 hours and 50 minutes, I finally come to a completion on my AIM project. I tried to make sure this piece was competitive, but I'm just happy with what I got and I hope you enjoy it too.

On to the piece itself, which is inspired by this art piece here by Juststeven.
Here's a little bit of info to help get in the mindset of the piece:

0:00 - Welcome to space. It's cold, dark, and empty, but pretty.

0:34 - Out of the darkness, a figure appears. Seeming to radiate darkness around it, the figure grows and is slowly leering, and never ceasing towards its goal.

1:13 - It's at this moment that fear starts to creep in. Steadily it reveals it's nature and intentions. It's alien character and ghostly ambience is becoming nothing short of overwhelming.

1:36 - It strikes. It's true nature and overwhelming power is discovered. Seemingly from a different dimension or time, it consumes and destroys. Corruption and obliteration is it's ally.

2:11 - The excitement subsides, but hasn't ended. You realize that there's some beauty to this deity. As it marches along you can't help but notice...

2:30 - It's getting closer

2:32 - Frightened may be an understatement here. Your life flashes before your eyes. The tranquility and pleasure of life suddenly becomes apparent as your apparent end is near.

3:05 - Realizing that you're powerless against this dark force, you begin to accept your fate. Whatever it may be. The abyss grows with each passing moment. You can't help but feel its presence becoming clearer.

3:35 - You've just encountered...

The Dark Desolator

Again, I hope you enjoyed at least as half as much as I did making it.

Additional details

Created in FL Studio and made with
Kontakt (with Oracle expansion)
My own blood sweat and tears.

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This sounds like it could be in a Metroid game if there was one that was a little less grim and had some really quirky elements to it. It has that really nice desolate mysterious space vibe but I also appreciated the dancey parts a lot, made me think of an intergalactic rave battle. Which doesn't sound that cool but the way I imagine it in my head is pretty sweet

Spadezer responds:

Dude comparing my music to Metroid! I'm honored. And it sounds like our minds went in similar directions with the music so I dig what you're getting at. "Intergalactic rave battle" I don't think is too far off what I envisioned. Not quuuuuiiite what I was getting it, but that's the cool part about music is being able to communicate thoughts without words.


This is awesome, dude!
I love all the rhythmic and melodic aspects of this. I'm glad your track did so well, because it certainly deserves it!

Great work on this, and congratulations ;)!!!

Spadezer responds:

Thanks for the flattering words

While I much prefer the atmospheric portions of the track to the dub elements, this is a whopper of a composition. You took several seemingly contradictory elements, added some malice, and here we are. Stellar job. Tuba synth really threw me off until things came together. That's something that probably could do with a bit less nakedness.

Spadezer responds:

I appreciate the feedback. Thank you. I guess the tuba seems to stick out like a sore thumb (especially when it's pointed out more than once lol). I didn't change it much compared to how it fits in the rest of the song other than maybe the dynamics of it, which I guess goes to show how much blending and mixing can make a difference.

Your first sentence gives me hope on this track being competitive. I don't expect to win this contest now (which isn't as important) but it's good that the composition is noticed.

Nice job, I dig the beat at 1:40. Vibes!

Spadezer responds:


right on! keep progressing man

Spadezer responds:


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Apr 2, 2017
4:07 PM EDT
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