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This bit of art made me think about my own experience with meditation. It's an interesting practice, and really shows you what your mind is doing all day, every day! For this song, I chose the genre of chillstep, and worked with a single, simple riff, allowing ideas to come and reside a little, rolling them around in my head for a little bit before letting them go, just like one does while meditating. Something comes up - don't fight it. Just acknowledge it, let it say what it must, then let it go, until everything is silent.

Here's the art I worked from:


***UPDATE*** April 28th, 2017

Following some preliminary reviews, I have re-worked some of the EQ, and experimented with what to do to make the percussion work better. Aaaaaaaand I decided to listen to it with a better EQ and no percussion at all. I found that without the percussion, it takes on a ghostly quality that really allows me to sink into the soundscape, and just be, which is what this song is intended to accomplish from the outset.

As such, and as much as it pains me because I worked really hard on it, I have decided to drop all percussion and change the genre to...jazz. I know it's not really jazz per se, but none of the other genre choices really work.

But maybe I should stop trying to fit myself into a genre, and just be.

If you are still hearing percussion, it is because your browser has saved the previous version. Click the download button to hear the new version, or clear your browser history.

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I don't think it matches the artwork too well. I view your music as calm, peaceful, maybe even directionless meditation, while the art strikes me as being more focused and intense. I see it as the kind of meditation one undergoes for a specific reason. That's just my interpretation, however, so it won't hold any weight in my score.

Overall, I feel that the piece can be a little too quiet at times, but it's beautiful nonetheless.
Thank you.

Ceevro responds:

Actually, I was wondering if anyone would call me out on that. The artwork is certainly more intense than the finished piece. Once I took out the percussion, the music lost that intensity.

If the artwork were blue, we'd have a match, I think.

Sadly, one works with what one has!

At 1:59, there's a chord that completely sticks out of the entire composition, which could have been cleaned up digitally. Lots of little of stuff like that can quickly add up. Letting the percussion go ultimately was probably the best decision. Good work.

Ceevro responds:

Yup. Sometimes you just gotta let go.

very chill

solid riff and i'm really enjoying the filtered? guitar

clean solo with good delay

the drumkit was abrasive to me at first but it doesn't bother me until you bring it back in @3:00.... it's a preference but It just sounds too fake next to all the other really nice sounds you have going on.

yeah man I mean this guitar track really beautiful imho the drumkit is doing you a disservice.... a lot of people would probably disagree with me on this but i'd rather hear you hit on pots and pans because even in your statement about meditation you talk about letting things come and go but that's not possible with a completely artificial drumkit.... it holds the track down to an artificial kit

whatever man that's my two cents really nice track... really enjoyed the guitar some very chill vibes and played with delicately in post (or was the delay from an amp or pedal?) whatever you did good work

Ceevro responds:

Yeah, I'm doing some tweaks with the percs as we speak...I won't go full-kitchen kit on this one...but yes, there are some improvements to be made.

Pretty cool man. Keep up the awesome. :)

You accidently put this in the wrong genre lol. Put it under experimental or something that isn't trance. This sounds a little like hiphop. This is nice and relaxing but the guitar is a bit too quiet at first, and the the percussion is a bit dry, could use a bit of reverb. It's nice though around 30 seconds in when the other guitar comes in. I like the melodic vibe, but could have used some bass.

I feel this has more potential than it's putting out but I love the elements in here so far, it's relaxing, just feel theguitars could be a little louder at first. The hihat needs to be turned up a bit as well as the toms. I do like the relaxing ambient waves it's putting out though. Fits the pic. A few tweaks and this would be perfect. I like the stuff that adds throughout the song. Pretty song. I love the psychadelic dreamy vibes.

Needs a bit of tweaking but good work here. Great on the mixing for the most part though besides what I mentioned. With more added i feel like someone could rap over this and it could become a hit.

Ceevro responds:

Trance is the closest they have to chillstep, I'm afraid. The NG music genre selection could use a bit of an upgrade...

I thought of writing a rap for this...and I may do so in the future. If I've already submitted this, am I able to tweak it before the deadline?

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Apr 1, 2017
10:47 PM EDT
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