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Control Is An Illusion

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While I am fond of post-modernism, I also feel disgusted to embrace the reality that we are already living in this post-modern world. As Philip K. Dick puts it, cyberpunk is not sci-fi, it's future realism. This isn't about flying cars and cyborgs. This is our life and society.


As I listened to this podcast of Intercepted, the most fearsome matters emerged that the world governments are pushing draconian and authoritarian laws and ruling against the environment. Like Naomi Klein said it, the temperatures could rise from 4 to 6 Celsius. Even 4 degree meaning the rest of the globe will feel the destruction.

The US government are eco-fascists. When the rest of the world suffer, and they enjoy their life in some bunker, we will finally know that we had our chance to change the outcome. That our generations, and the next generations, won't have any chance to survive. Eco-fascism only purpose is to purge the poor. And it has already begun.

Welcome to the realist post-modernism world. Fuck the governments. Fuck the states. Fuck capitalism. Fuck humanity. You ruin this world so you can laugh at the world while we suffocate.

You think you can control your authority upon this world? It's a fucking illusion.

I just want to write a track to express this urgency.

Enjoy this track, and the last breathes of oxygen before you fight for it.

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Nice pre-apocalyptic track )

B0nn0t responds:

thanks bro. may the smogs be with you!

I listened to this on loop while thinking about something totally, and wow, the rhythm of your song seemed to accelerate my thinking and it helped me get to the root of the issue :)

I love this kind of music. It's very passive, but simultaneously, there is enough depth to enjoy it from an analytical perspective. Your sound design skills are excellent; some of the darker, apocalyptic sounds are very pleasing. And all the elements of the track together create a nice musical texture.

This song is particular gives me a vivid visual. It reminds me of the action from the dystopian story, "Divergent", which I think you read :)

B0nn0t responds:

Thank you for your review, BlueOceans! I love Divergent. The fluidly of this track was inspired by Tangerine Dream musical style. The beats and synths were inspired Haujobb and Depeche Mode.

Thanks again for your review!

Heh, look at you submitting a serious piece on this date :)
In the very least, this is a million times better than my upload today!

I like the style of this track! :D
Yeah, the generation before us, and maybe my generation too, will be among the last ones to save this planet from an early fatality. I mean, the damage is already done, ofc. But it would still be possible to mitigate the damage. I also think we should explore space much more than we curently are doing, and focus our funding on that. But it's not easy when 62 people own 50% of the worlds wealth :V

So we're pretty much fucked! Let's do what we can, and enjoy life as it is while we can. Doesn't make it less depressing though, really!
Well, ofc, as you know, I don't think we should ever stop trying. That's when we really lose, after all.

Great track, man!

B0nn0t responds:

The reason why I mentioned this as eco-fascism, is because killing people with climate change and disaster, systematically. Not just anyone, but the poor and people of color. Look at Katrina. Look at Sandy. Thousands died from not just the storm, but the apartheid of the governments. They had private military murdering black people to keep them from surviving. That was more than a decade ago, letting alone now.

As a bottom feeder who only recently, just got out of the street life, I recognize that the struggle of poor working class are unseen to vast majority of people. And even more so to the rich. And climate change is going to make it worse. It's not going to be Trump's children who suffer, it's going to be my people and many more.

Thank you for your review. :) see you around Skype.

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