Panda Eyes and Teminite - Highscore (DJ-Dawphin Remix)

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This is probably one of my bests. The photo is by Kate DeFrare. I hope you like this new remix! yay!


Found this in the recent section.

Mix - 7.5/10
The mix is actually pretty good. Some of the synths could be turned down a bit, but in general, I think you did alright with the mix.

Sound Design - 6/10
The sounds do sound alright. As a remix however, they don't really fit to the original song.

Melodies - 4/10
The melodies are the same as the original, which would receive a 9/10. So what's the difference? This goes back to sound design. The melodies were designed with a different sound in mind in the original song, and in this song you used the same melody with a sound that didn't work.

Arrangement/Progression - 3/10
I get that this is a remix, but honestly, if you're doing a remix, I think you should change the arrangement a good bit. Otherwise, it's just a remake, not a remix. Since you said it's a remix, I'm judging it like one. The arrangement and progression aren't very strong because of your lack of sounds that work in the melodies you used.

This song lacks a bass entirely it seems (except the kick). I really don't think you did any EQing at all. It seems you didn't even try to get the low frequencies in. Because of this, your drops don't feel as dense as the original, and really don't feel that interesting.

Ending - 2/10
The ending literally comes out of nowhere. I thought it was going to keep going into another breakdown sequence, but it didn't. It's so out of context and random.

Overall (NOT AN AVERAGE) - 4/10
This song is not very good. It really seems like a failed attempt at a remake rather than a remix. But, again, you said it's a remix, and I'm judging it like one. 4/10, sorry if I came across as harsh.

DJ-Dawphin responds:

Alright thanks for the review. I am a beginner, and still learning how to use all the tools. For example, EQ.

It's a nice take on the original. Very well put together.

It seems a bit bare in the mid section though (like the around the 500hz). Your Bass and Melody is perfectly done, but it seems a bit empty in the background.

Perhaps adding some detuned Pads or something to fill them in? White noise is also important, it adds atmosphere. (You don't need to add anything big, most pads are barely audible anyways, there just there to take up space.)

Anyways, just my opinions. (They're probably more easier said than done cuz I'm a noob at making music too.) Still, job well done!

DJ-Dawphin responds:

Thanks for the review!

I would say something meaningful and useful but I'm not a genius. Overall this is a great take take on the song. Dem bleeps and boops doh. 9/10 IGN

DJ-Dawphin responds:

Thanks for the review!

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Mar 31, 2017
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