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Super Mario Maker VS Geometry Dash


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Welcome to the second battle of Epic Rap Battles of Video Games where today we get two of the most famous level designing games as well as hard games in a rap battle, ladies and gentleman, the good ol' Builder Mario from Super Mario Maker for the Wii U consoles, only 59,99$ and Geometry Dash, the hardest cube game of all time, and they said the impossible game was way harder...

Mr. Biggyful as Builder Mario (Super Mario Maker)
TVNicholasKrauss as Geometry Dash


Builder Mario:
It's a me, Builder Mario, step to me if you dare.
I can't believe I was chosen to face a freakin' square.
Well, It'll take more than a thousand attempts to ever spit to me.
I guess it won't be hard, since you're facing a Builder in a TV screen.
Who gives a crap about a melodic game where you only tap the screen?
My game is GIANT, and I don't need to combine a mushroom. See?
Tryna step to the new God? Ha! You won't go far.
'Cuz the difference between you and me is that I don't constantly make levels hard.

Geometry Dash:
So it looks like the fat plumber had his own building game.
No wonder he's got his fame, for 60 dollars? Huh. What a shame.
This battle's a Stereo Madness, it's quite clear you lost.
Now watch as I jump over your head, make you learn who's the boss.
Got many types of forms, you still wanna XStep to me?
I may be a mobile game, but atleast I'm actually free.
You can't beat me, not even with your hundreds of mario slaves.
I think you should edit your next verse, 'cuz you can't survive my verbal waves.

Builder Mario:
Shut up, geek, I don't wanna hear any sound from you.
This is not quite the Expert Challenge but I'll make sure you lose.
I don't need a story to make sure your mathematical self gets beat.
I'm automatic when I'm rapping but now I'll turn up the heat.
I'm not quite the guy that would stay this would be true. But your square will be in half when I cut through.
I'll edit you, end you, share your defeat online. Get 50 stars then I'll fend you.
I don't require to defend you, I'll tend you, offend you and descend you.
The critics called, they told every company to not recommend you.

Geometry Dash:
The invasion has begun, prepare to be cut to scraps.
Are you mad? Too Bad! You can't unleash my best raps.
Your game is just another pile of dust. Don't worry, it's not your fault.
I would let you get your victory, but it's secured in The Vault.
Don't make me laugh, or I'll make sure I stomp you flat.
Here's the Theory of Everything you spit: It's all just pure shreds.
You can delete your progress, buddy 'cuz I'm a dashing slayer.
So prepare to meet your real Maker, the Geometrical Dominator.

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Cool but the intro is wierd

It wasn't too bad, but Geometry Dash is not only for mobile, and it's not free.

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Mar 25, 2017
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