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Leylines II

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ambient trap - 110BPM
follow me on soundcloud for new music every day in 2017: https://soundcloud.com/midimachine

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I really like the introduction; instead of gradually introducing and creating themes, you fade the listener into a preexisting musical world. There is a pleasant, airy ambiance that has a strong presence yet is difficult to discern; it makes me visualize a sky world. The slightly distorted flute does a nice job at foreshadowing the trap nature of the track.

The bass sounds very crisp, and the drums sound light and clean, which further establishes the sky world visual for me. And the drum rolls are well-done and very pleasing!

The melodies themselves aren’t that interesting, but the pitch bends and automations vitalize them, and the choir pad creates a nice harmony. The piano also enriches the atmosphere and adds passivity to the track.

I have no problems with the mix.

I like the ending, but I think I would have kept more elements toward the very end. I understand why you chose to keep the static reverb atmosphere, but why did you fade out almost everything else? To me, it unnecessarily contradicts the lighthearted introduction.

This is a fantastic track! :)

midimachine responds:

hey thanks for the review! i've really enjoyed using these processed flute samples a lot lately.
honestly can't say i put a whole lot of thought into the ending, and in retrospect there are a bunch of things i could've done differently to improve it.

i really appreciate the comment about fading into a preexisting musical world. i feel like fade-in intros are underutilised or improperly used a lot of the time so it's good to know that i'm on the right track with it here. the piano is also sampled from a previous track (hence the II in the title), so the connection to another musical world is *actually* there as well!


Am I reviewing a legend's track ?

Melodies :
This piano and everything that goes with it from 0:00 to 0:26 is beyond perfect in term of melody. The arrangement is great : some synthesizers that make the ambiance in the background and another one which plays a foretaste of the melodies that are next to come are awesome. Then comes the "main" melody (I'll explain the brackets) played by the trembling synthesizer at 0:26. Some notes of this melody (0:37 and 0:55) are pretty ugly : I don't know why you did that, there's maybe an artistic motivation behind it that I didn't get. The low-velocity notes at 1:43 that we can barely hear are so good that it made me... hum... you know... =3
The only nitpick I could notice is that there's no real main melody. This is maybe what you intended, but I think it's a flaw. The goal is that you make the listener remember the main melody, or at least a kind of pattern or a recurrent sound. With none of those, I won't remember this track : it's not memorable. So you gotta insist on something that will make your track memorable : like when we hear the melody or the recurrent sound, we immediately think "oh that's Midimachine's Leylines II" !

Instruments :
Once again, I think it's an excellent arrangement and mixing from 0:00 to 0:26. Every single instrument sound so good ! That synthesizer at 0:26 was maybe a bit too trembling though, but I think it's just mostly my personal tastes so I won't judge on this. I really like your drums, especially when you make the kick play several times before unleashing another snare (like 1:20 or 1:42), a snare that is really satisfying by the way. I loved when those drums went completely mad at 2:52 to finish off this part ! The synthesizer that spices the track from 1:27 to 1:30 was very smooth.

Personality :
The transitions at 1:45 and 2:55 were pretty interesting, and I like how you started and finished the track with the same ambiant sounds ! You made the snare from 3:26 make an echoing (or reverbering - I dunno) sound : that's the kind of details I love !
Still this main melody problem I talked about in the "Melodies" part though.

Melodies : 1,5/2
Instruments : 2/2
Personality : 1/1

In overall, this is one of the best track I've reviewed so far ! Ur gr8 m8 !

midimachine responds:

ty for the detailed and thoughtful review
the ugly notes you mentioned were supposed to hint at a dominant 7 chord but then none of the other underlying harmonic devices do that so i think that's probably something to take care of next time!
i suppose that the melody at 2:20 (and before at 1:43 as you noticed) is the main theme. but i agree with you; there isn't a strong main melodic theme here and that can be a problem. then again, i also feel like sound design and tonality can be used thematically BUT you need some frame of reference for that to work and i don't think i've provided that sufficiently.

anyway ty again. peace!

It's catchy. I like it!
The glitchy percussion is especially nice :)

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4.41 / 5.00

Mar 21, 2017
11:21 AM EDT
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