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Karco -- Nova --

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Author Comments

I've come a long, long way already. Trust me, this all builds up to something great! =D


loved it

the intro got my heart beating to the rhythm and it was just awesome
just goes to show you own when making music :P i really thought this should have 5/5 score...

Ivote FiVe

Karco responds:

Ha, actually, I've made better stuff, though I'll admit this was pretty good at the time. :P Thanks for the review and the high ratings, glad you liked it! :D

Definitely Digged It

Rather fantastic work. I personally didn't find the intro too incredibly wrong nor any of your ideas overly repetitive. The breakdown was nice and not overdone, the percussion was good while nothing to boggle the mind. The build up was very well done. Your bass drum was very well used through out I have to say, though obviously not maximized when it was keeping the quarter :P

I really loved the amount of action in this piece as well.

Karco responds:

A review for Nova? XD Let me tell you this - this may be my most popular song of the year but it's definitely not my best, which would be my latest. I've been making music for a year now... when I had finished this, though, I had been making music for a month. :P This song boasts horrible mixing/EQing, synths, etc. compared to my more recent songs... but hey, if you liked it in that many different places, I won't stop you. And you're helping this record go even higher - this song has 24 reviews now! :D Thanks for reviewing, and thanks for the high ratings as well - glad you liked it.


I think I like this song..
The intro was a little long, or you needed more going on.
Very busy especially towards the end of the song.
This song would make a good backing song for a shooting game I think. :)

Check out my music too,

Karco responds:

Hey, Smad. Yeah, I've heard the comments on the intro and the end before and I'd have to agree. :P A background song for a shooting game? That's a new one. :P Thanks for the review, Smad, glad you like it.

Hi there

Better build-up than 'Stained Chrome':)
Nice idea again. But this track doesn't sound as clear as 'Stained Chrome' though.
It sounds very chaotic. I understand the idea, but this melody... all these 'melodies' just go through eachother without any meaning or good main melody. You've got professional elements in it.. If you'd combine the quality of 'Stained Chrome' with the build-up in this track, you'd make an excellent track! :)

Keep it up, you can do it!


Karco responds:

Nothing to add, but I'll definitely keep that criticism in mind. ;) Thanks for the review!


I like the almost 8-bit sounding synth you have there at the start. ^.^

I Did not like the kick... Although powerful, it didnt have enough bass behind it, it was perfect for when the song got going, but when it was alone it was lacking the oomph, had more of a bang than a bam You know what i mean?

I don't like how the song would seem like it was getting going, than would stop and restart over, but once it really started it, it was AWESOME! I loved it. Thats when everything really fit together (except now the 8-bit sounding synth doesnt fit with the melody anymore 8(...) Oh well, it still sounds good... A little random, but full and good. I like the piano! Lots of diversity here!

Although very full, it needs a tad more mastering to accompany it(I know its a pain to do and sometimes it seems like no matter how much you do, you can't get rid of some fuzz).

The only real complaint I have is that kick.... It's too "quick" I guess, it doesnt last long enough... The effect I mean. I love the siren too ^.^

Good work You get my 5 a dl, and a long review from me ^.^ Hey! Review my song "Absolute Zero" it'd be awesome to hear from you on it! Thanks! And keep up the good work!

Karco responds:

Huh. 8-bit? Didn't sound at all like that to me... but with 22 reviews for this song I can't expect them all to be the same, right? =D I can see what you mean, though.

I thought the kick had plenty of bass, etc. going behind it... I know what you mean, more bang than bam, really can't imagine using a low, bassy, etc. kick for this song. Aah well. The song was distorted enough. XD

Yeah, the introduction might have been a bit long... but the section in which I brought in the full percussion for the first time, in between the two "buildup" sections was to give the listener a taste of what was to come... maybe I didn't do that well enough? Huh. I'm trying... my work in progress, Atmosphere, pretty much encompasses everything I've learned since I started and hopefully won't fall back in this area.

Yep, I hope you read some of the other reviews for this song and my responses to them... clarity was a BIG problem. And it's always nice to know there are others out there who suffer similarly... :)

Yep, that siren's awesome. And how it reeverbs towards the end is great, too, considering how that quality made the ending possible, along with a pad or two.

Glad you like it so much! I'll get to your audio page sometime... I don't know if it'll be today or not, I've been fairly short on time lately. But it'll be soon. ;) Thanks for the review!

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Credits & Info


3.85 / 5.00

Feb 4, 2007
1:31 PM EST
File Info
3.5 MB
4 min 24 sec

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