~"Cry of an Angel"~

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A beautiful piece made with many of my favorite instruments, violin played with keyboard.


how sad...

it was really sad. T_T

GAME OVER! i would say^^

cool i like that! did you played both in real? and then mixed it, or are that just virtual instruments?

i voted 4! keep it on!!!


This is a very lovely tune, quickshot. The bell was a nice touch. What program are you using? Your strings sound great.

Keep up the good work, man!

quickshot-x responds:

Thankyou my friend, I pretty much use a (Parsee) system, created in India, and used by my father. When I turned "12" he finnaly taught me the basics of musical theory, the rest I learned on my own, well had to...He's a busy man you know. Thankyou for your review. :)

Good Stuff

Alot of your stuff I like. I actually intend to use some of it for my game "Legend of Altheir", which I have been working on for a long time now. I hope you come out with alot more stuff. I could use some good music to fill my game and its so hard to find stuff that isn't from other games.

quickshot-x responds:

"Legend of Altheir" sounds like a fun game, I would love to play it if it were to be submitted one day, and it sounds more of an "RPG" (Mostly I like those games) I've actually been making music lately, but I don't have the feeling of submitting them, when the time comes i'll have something out. For now I will be collecting ideas from other Artists ti'll i'm ready to create, and submit to NewGrounds. I'm very happy you enjoyed this, and your right, we have a life, we must get up, and live it. Looking forward to your game. Thankyou for reviewing my friend. :)


I guessed I had to give a review back since that would only be fair for your nice and helping words.
I love this piece. Even though it's made to be sad, i feel that... happiness, you know, a peaceful moment.
You're very creative and this, this is a particular one of it's kind. I love these instruments as well, i just can't master them well since I learn by myself and by ear.
You're lucky to have a dad who composes music.

You know what? You're one of those people I'm truly going to admire because they can bring peace for me through music.

5'd for sure! Let this be a platinum track!

quickshot-x responds:

Creativity is the key in music, you shouldn't make something just because it's the style, or popular kind of music. You should make it purely-out of your own heart, and mind. My father only taught me the basics of musical theory. I learned the rest of the way practicing. You also asked for my email, well PersianLead@Yahoo.com, and yes you may add me in Instant Messenger. :) Thankyou for your review.

Wow... Amazing!

You open quietly and with quite a bit of emotion in this song. It is a bit quiet, though... I had to turn the volume on my computer up a bit, so I could hear it. But once I did, oh, this is amazing!

You really have some musical talent here. It's amazing... how long have you been composing and making music?

I'm definitely one to give as much positive criticism as possible where it's due, but for this I don't have much at all to suggest... the violin was a bit loud at times, the strings a bit too low, and you could have opened up even quieter without the lower strings for greater effect, but, otherwise, great efforts!

Well-composed, there's quite a bit of emotion in this. Amazing, beatiful song you have here... I'm looking forward to more! PM me the next time you submit a song, so I can review it. :) Keep up the great work.

quickshot-x responds:

Sorry for my low strings, I use an old system to compose my music. Most of the time it's used to make musical melodies to fit in with persian music my father composes, but I also do use Reason. Thankyou for another glorious review sir, I very much appreciate it.

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Feb 2, 2007
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