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dj_padman - Scourge

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Filthy breaks. Was going for a bit of Chemical bros flavour with some tough guitar at end.



Hey padman, whats been happening. good to see the tunes flowing freely. Haven't been round here for a while, you've been working hard in the holidays.
Love the whole intro and beginning section. Im always impressed by the sound and drum choices.
The song changes up a lot but I thought the melody was a bit scattered towards the end, like the pads and lead were trying to go in different directions? definately a chem. bros. feel in there, your on the right track.
Ill do my best to keep up the reviews, Ive got a new song or two to put up too.
BTW, check out alchemy, an SBS radio station. their website is asking for producers to submit stuff. Give them what they want, they're gagging for it.

dj-padman1 responds:

cheers bigears. long time no see. Killer track by the way, your latest. Anyone reading this I encourage you to check it out.
Thanks for your input. Did I have pads in the end? man, I cant remember now, I'll have to revisit that one.
SBS? That could be the ticket! We should both launch an all out blitz on them.
Thanks for the lead KaiSun.


From the second that second metal-sounding snare comes in, this track is pure gold. The rhythms are fantastic; very professional-sounding. If I would change anything, I'd bring that high-pitched triangle-like hi-hat-thingy slightly down in the mix, because it seems to stand out a little to much... but then again, that may just be my headphones. After the initial "holy shit, this track is awesome," things develop nicely, and then it just kinda grooves for a while... which is fine, and maybe even awesome, because it contrasts the change of pace later on, where things start getting sliced up. Also, I liked how, by the end, the whole thing intensified to the point where everything became a big, pulsing wall of sound. That's the way you do it. (You play the guitar on the MTV) [sorry... Dire Straits reference... couldn't help it] But yeah: 5/5, 10/10, dl. Keep up the good work.

dj-padman1 responds:

Thanks for taking the time to give me some feedback. Listening back to it, I 100% agree with you about the synthetic hi hat thingie. The thing is, I set the volume for it when I was listening to the last section, so when everything else is absent, it sticks out a bit! I will go ahead and change that.
Well, its a relief to learn that my wall of sound attempt didn't destroy the track, I'm happy about that!
lol..well, a sampled guitar ;)

...Oh my

Very, very nice. I’m loving those synths, they have a nice winy quality about them that is not annoying or to in you face. They sound even cooler when you reversed them. And that industrial style beat and FX are very sick. They are well acented by your superb glitch work. I can’t hear anything wrong with this song. All the volume levels are perfect, and the timing is prices and sick as hell. Beat is solid and bass lines are deep and kick-ass.

One of you better tracks by far, great work. And, as always... keep it up.


dj-padman1 responds:

thanks dude. I was trying to get a kind of Middle Eastern flavour into the leads. Its all about those sick slides.
Glad you liked it man, thanks for listening once again!

Tight as hell

kick-ass track ya got there.
There is a lot of diversity in the synth, very hard, whilst being laid back, I liked that.
Has a real nice industrial feel, probably should have gone in there, I feel that much more than DnB.
The retriggering and glitching you have in there sounds real good.
Definitely gotta say I like what I hear here.
5/5 keep up the good work!

dj-padman1 responds:

You know, I totally agree with you about the genre. I just had a mental blank when I posted it I guess.
Glad you liked it, and thanks for the review!

i dont care where

i dont care if u sto;e thids or5 not its fkn awesome...altho listen to my crap when i post 2007 ur awesome just like me.... im on goldschager cant spell worth shit listen for dj navi my friend
typing and not paing attention to spelling....perfect beggining =stretch the song to 4 parts
1.best beggining
2.tuneup on progress
4.all together 1-2-3
then the ending as build up and to the end.<slow te bit and synth>...in the end use intro slow as 145bpm to 45 and end with the intro synth...ur awesome man post review on mine .........we're all DJ who is gonna make 000,000,000"S my brother im same way!

dj-padman1 responds:

thanks man, and it is original by the way ;)
I'm glad you enjoyed it and you've got some good ideas for the ending. If there wasn't the stupid 4mb restriction I'd have some space to ease things down a bit more gradually.
Thanks though, I'll get around to checking out your stuff before too long!

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3.91 / 5.00

Feb 1, 2007
11:57 PM EST
Drum N Bass
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