things snoball (complete)

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nothing to do with moneyshots this one..................

me and sam started this one and had a bit more imagination that a lot of our colabs, initial sample set was random stuff from my room, you can hear a skateboard wheel spinning in there embelished with some acoustic guitar cuts.
has real nice ambience to this couterbalanced with the ironical cheecky samplage.
i think we got as far as about 2:00. everything thereafter i knocked up.
the little dub drop is freakin awesome. the real problem is the fact that i kept that beat rolling pretty much for the rest of the track, it needed a little dynamic i think.
still, listening back, is a damn good track.

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Aren't you agent mancuso on myspace?

Hm, I guess so, I really love this sound, man!
Most of your songs, but this will be the first one I review.
I like the percussion thingies at the beginning, sounds great, the transitions go great, and I like the fact you try to put lots of genres mixed up in one track, I try to do that often.
I'll start looking up on your page, I really love this.
Excellent production technique, great sound, everything!


Mind is blown

Good God man, this is great. It seems a little smoother than most of your songs, and there's stability there, instead of the song turning a complete 180 degrees like most of them. That doesn't mean the song is predictable, far from it. It just means that it transitions from one part to the next easily, and by the end, who knows where you end up.

Very cool. Keep making them. You've got gobs of talent.

snoballandthmonyshot responds:

cheers for that,
yeh, does have a bit more coherance than a lot of my stuff.

the man they call 'cuso

well i get round to reviewing you finally. and i find a piece of sumptuious sound wizardry to feast upon.

this track oozes class from begining to end. from the opening 'bottle' sound it has an element of ingenuity, the synth guitar/sitar line is ace, tho resemblent of a track ive heard in the charts. cool none the less, plus the little bit of lead supplimenting the sound around the edges. The strings compliment the mix nicely.

the mid section is alomst KB instyle, not detracting from your own style, clearly it has mancuso written all over it, as it lulls the listener into thinking we're going into chill mode.

But no we hit reggea mode. Stunning choice of musical direction, the beat totally fits the atmosphere, only momentarily before we hit some breaks, the 'crystal' synth really stands out.

its a proper journey mate, faultless in production. again try gettin some airplay for this beauty. you've truly got it. i don't know whether vocals would add or detract from this, i woyuld love to hear a take with tho.

anyways it's full marks across the board.


snoballandthmonyshot responds:

wahey the hairless north,
sorry it took so long to respond (and i ain't checked your tunes in moons) not been round these parts for just as long. Getting a bit stressed with the moosic atm, got about 4 which i've started and can't finish.
;pedo lol


i like it, kinda reminds me of the books for some reason.
your work is impressive as always, can't wait to see what's next.
(got me a new track too)

snoballandthmonyshot responds:

don't hold your breath


Reeeeally having some trouble getting into this tbh, listened to it a LOT of times.

There's plenty of elements to lurv, the intro is georgeous with the cheeky percussion and bass, guitar (which however seems to be tuned a tad too low), harp and cello cooperation. Arrangement and mix are pretty much perfect.

Thing is that when Bob Marley enters, the whole tune to me seems to be postponing something that doesn't come, can't quite put the finger on it, maybe it's the drums that make it a little droney. Everything is still flawlessly and smoothly executed, but I crave for more dynamic progress, I guess.

Puzzler. :)
No biggie, as the fragile gay kids say. You just do that thing you do, I don't have to love every second of music you make to keep loving it as a whole.

snoballandthmonyshot responds:

yo the tang
no biggie? i think it is. i see what u mean about the dynamic progress, i'm gonna do a post-complete version, it definately displays a lack of imagination the way the second half develops.
nice 1

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Feb 1, 2007
4:01 PM EST
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