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SO it's been 1 year since I started creating my own music and, conveniently, I have just produced the best track I've ever made. Me and my dad collaborated on this - he made the melody and the chord progression and I arranged it in FL Studio cinematic-style (and had a little fun of my own with it). I hope everyone enjoys it!
The title is of a fictional country in a story that I wrote

Please rate and review and help me to improve my music!


First, the piano chords at 2:20 and at the end remind me of myself a lot- I do the exact same stuff, putting dissonancey piano chords in between sections of a song. Thumbs up for that! Good piece in general!

Not sure whether or not you've bought any sample libraries or not, but a killer strings library would improve this piece a lot and really help it out. It's expensive though, and I remember my days of only half-decent samples... definitely not saying you have to, it just depends on how much you care for sound quality (I care too much obviously) :)
If you ever do get a sample library make sure you check for an education discount. You can get like 50% sometimes.

phoenixapprentice responds:

I'm just a hobbyist so I haven't put a lot of emphasis on getting better instruments. I use 100% free instruments, the only thing I've paid for is my synthesizer (which I use in songs like this for pads and stuff). It's too expensive for me to buy instruments right now anyway :c
Thank you! Maybe one day if I have enough money to get something good I'll go back and make this song better.

*sane mode enabled*
*sane mode.exe has stopped working*

oooooooooooooooooooooooooh soooooooooo great. BUT again i could be wrong
when i look a bit closer i notice the same thing, melody is lovely and beautiful but kinda doesn't want to go anywhere, like for example you can listen to "Yesterday" by The Beatles, why their melody is so good is that they used chord notes on strong measures AAAND on the weaker measured they added more dissonant tones, which made it feel like the melody want to go somewhere, i also used it here - http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/732456
it's more electronic sound but notice the melody, i constantly used dissonance everywhere, that gave this melody a huge urge to go somewhere.

but this is the deep topic about the music in general, you and your dad did an amazing job! 10/10

phoenixapprentice responds:

Cinematic music also tends to wander more. It goes more places - like classical music. If you listen to classical music (like Bach, Beethoven, Vivaldi) the themes they use go in a lot of different directions (I mean they have to, the dudes wrote songs that were like 12 minutes long!)
But you're probably right, I made this song on the fly in one sitting - 6 hours straight, and I didn't go back and really edit anything.

very nice :)

phoenixapprentice responds:

Thank you =w=

Woah woah. This is so majestic and peaceful! One of the most beautiful and heartwarming songs I've heard in a while. I really like how things get at 2:34.

How can I give this anything below 5 stars? Keep up the good work. :]
I hope you and your dad had fun making this.

phoenixapprentice responds:

Thank you!! I really put everything I had into this and have no idea how it turned out so well but it did!
We did have fun, but I may have created something that can't be stopped ... He wrote another song and I'm pretty sure he's at the piano writing a third as I type this haha

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