_-={The Dead's Witness}=-_

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Demo MenuMusic for "The Wulfpack" The unkillable spirit known only as "The Dead's Witness"



these ppl write tons of stuff with stories eh? what's up with everyone posting stories for ye >:(


I loved everything you had in there, especially the flute that was there in certain places (NEEDS MOAR)

But what´s that story between that thing we have here? Dude you should write a storybook on the bbs

Great track as always man.

MaestroRage responds:

Well I like stories, I appreciate every story that people post, it helps me wonder how the same sequence of notes and melody would invoke different angles and stories. Sometimes the results were so interesting, and others I kinda saw them coming. However since I can never really fill an image, only provide a guideline (sometimes even that is altered by the listener), I find it interesting to see how things turn out.

As for story book, I used to write a lot, I was in fact only a few weeks from finishing my second novel, but I guess somewhere along the way I decided to tell stories through music, and thats what i'm doing here ;).

Thanks for the review SBB, i'm glad you liked the piece!


Nice asskickin´ dude

MaestroRage responds:

I will kick arse all day long >:}. Thanks for the review, glad you liked it ^^.

An army of orcs coming my way!

Probably best to reciprocate for your great reviews to this account eh?

I should come right out and tell you that I dislike this kind of music. I think this is a disagreement between the two of us on the term 'epic'.

Put very bluntly, I feel this is taking the easy way out. Reverb and heavy percussion almost instantly take care of the ominous feeling, throw in a bunch of strings playing long, sustaining notes for the contrast and there's the tension.

What I highly prefer is to have the epic elements - tension, progression, dynamics

I've been listening to a lot of solo piano music by Ravel lately and I can assure you: all these elements are found in the configuration of just notes. No matter how bombastical the arrangement, I feel that, stripped to the bare, the composition shouldn't have lost any of its impact. In the case of this piece, you would have to add a lot of extra notes to the score in order to retain its impact.

It's like when you watch a movie with a shit plot but great special effects. I always feel tricked into feeling what I felt watching it, and that annoys me - I know what they're doing, but I fall for it anyway.

That's because special effects are made possible by technology, which is a factor the artist (director) doesn't determine. They are tricks to instantly instill a sensation in the viewer, but by reflex, not by train of thought. They are a scientifically enhanced attack on the synapses. They aren't HUMAN.

The kid Donnie Darko, clumsily exploring the basics of physical love with his first girlfriend, HE's human. Him I identify with, him I feel for. He is a creation of a writer, a director and an actor, using their IMAGINATION (I wish I could bold it out, I hate how obnoxious caps look). This triggers me to on my turn use my imagination to identify with Donnie and start feeling what I would feel in his situation.

The reflex of a special effect disables that trigger. No use for imagination, because you already know what the outcome will be.

This is a crude analogy. Your music IS more than a bunch of special effects, but I just don't like the balance between them and your own imagination.

I am certainly not condemning your music. You are great at what you do and a lot of people, including yourself, like it, love it even. It doesn't make you any less artistical, you are obviously using your talent to achieve primarily what YOU want and not what you think other people want. So you can completely disregard everything I just said, and I won't lose any respect or sympathy for you. I am quite certain that while reading this, you seriously considered it and weighed it against your own views. I am here to give my opinion. If you'd like to talk more about it, I'd gladly engage in a PMing spree with you.

That all being said, good job. (hehe.)
I've had it on repeat the whole time it took writing up to here, and it's very constant, aforementioned ominous...ness... and tension are maintained throughout and never collapse.

I do think that you should have made the lead more stand out once the percussion got in full gear, it became hard to keep track of. Otherwise the mix is spot on for what you're going after, sharp hooks in the percussion and a very nicely dosed voice sample.

Good, full bass in the arrangement, but more treble might have pulled it towards stronger climaxes. It serves the purpose of menu music very well, creates an atmosphere instantly. Competes with the menu music of Baldur's Gate. :)

This is probably the longest review I've ever writtten, I don't know what the fuck got over me. I really hope you appreciate this for what it is - a largely illustrated opinion, a spark for a healthy debate possibly, in a light tone with no intention to be aggressive or belittling.

I be digging yous.

MaestroRage responds:

A very long and detailed review for sure, please don't think I take any of this in offense, truth be told as mentioned I have weighed your words carefully and there is truth in them. I would love to express some ideas and thoughts on pm, expect a few soon ;).

I thought the most over what you said concerning Special effects in the tunes. I've always tried to keep effects to a minimum, but when I think on it, it seems EVERY song will have at least one. The revaluation, if you will, proved to be quite disturbing.

I am not going to write any more in this review box, and am going to start writing you a PM now. Well said WinTang, I hope to walk away from our debates with some more knowledge for my arsenal.

Thank you for the review.


Very good, as always Maestro. I liked the violin of this piece as probably many others did. The drums were an excellent addition and the tinkling of bells near the end were a great touch. Another story. Two armies stand ready at either side of a valley, waiting for the other to make the first move. Night soon falls and both armies generals take the time to refresh their troops in terms of combat. However, even as they train both generals think to themselves if this war they are fighting is even nescessary. Their leaders had been destroyed completely by what many had a called an angel. When both armies meet the following day the leader of the government remenants say they wish to fight to prove that they are superior to the peasent remenants. The peasent army simply said that they no longer wished to fight and told them the story of their leaders. "How right you all are...I killed both of your leaders, as they were nothing more than power hungry fools who charged to their own death..." says a powerful voice. And then the very angel the peasent army mentioned appears before them. He says to the peasents that they may go home, as they have learned to the ways of peace. The government army tries to charge pass the angel to the peasents to fight, but the angel puts up such a barrier wall behind him that they all are stopped dead in their tracks. The angel turns around slowly and says, "You will not touch them..." and then draws from its sheath the blade of Judgment from Heaven and Damnation from Hell. On one side the blade is pure white and is inbueded with such holy power that the dark have no choice but to surrender and it has the ability to heal even the most grevious of wounds. On the other side of the blade it is inbueded with such dark power that when it strikes it not only cuts the flesh, but the soul as well. I leave the story ended here. I assume you can guess what happens to the government army. FWI, this story is connected to the one's I made for When Demon's cry and Angels of war. Enjoy. Keep up the good work...

MaestroRage responds:

yes the story sounded familiar to me Zen. The angel has returned to once again destroy what would destroy others eh?

If only real life would function in this way eh? It's sad to know every day a scenario like this happens, and yet there is never an angel.

Oh well. Thank you deeply for the story Zen, as usual it was enjoyable to read. Thank you for the review, i'm glad you liked the piece ^^.

nice one!

nice song and i love the way you make up a lil sentence representing the song for almost all of your track even if im doing hip hop i love it !
also thx for giving me tip whit fl im working on a good one

-luck and peace--

MaestroRage responds:

You're welcome Adixx ^^.

Every song I make, I make with the intention of telling a story which is why there is usually a descriptive sentence for it.

Thank you for the review, i'm glad you liked it!

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