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Demo MenuMusic for "The Wulfpack" The unkillable spirit known only as "The Dead's Witness"


eh, decent..

It was good. I enjoyed it. Keep up the good work.

MaestroRage responds:

not much with words eh :D? Oh well, i'm glad you liked it. Thank you for the review.

Ohhhh drum-chan! <3

Oh my goodness. I mentioned on one of my other reviews that I have a genetic failing when it comes to enjoying pipe organs and the like; but if I do, it comes with a genetic weakness for good drum lines. And you use this one VERY well, given it really does most of the work of the song (I'd almost like to hear it unadorned--which is not to say that the rest of the instruments you have in there are BAD so much as I really, really, really love a good drum line!), so bravo~.

And yes, wow, Hans Zimmer is quite a role model to shoot for! But I'm actually reminded of Yuki Kajiura's music when listening to this, because she has a similar fondness for strong rhythms/drums in some of her compositions (part of the reason why I love her so much).

To me, this is a traveling song--there's a lot of great forward momentum. The image I see on the inside of my eyelids when I have my eyes closed is warriors on horseback--not a lot of them, only a few--sent out on some urgent mission. The interlude down near the end doesn't seem so much like an "ending" to the journey as a brief respite, letting the men gather their bearings and perhaps even reaffirm to themselves the rightness of their course--before moving on again.

Just. Incredible. You win.

MaestroRage responds:

I love Yuki's work myself! She was a great role model for me, and in fact nearly all of my really old work (under the account MaestroSorrow) was heavily influenced by her talents. I especially adored her work in Hack Sign, more accurately the song "The World"... that song enslaved my soul for months...

I am absolutely thrilled somebody brought her up as a comparison, for I do love her work.

When I have the full version up here one day, I pray you will be here to hear it, for it is significantly better in my opinion :).

Thank you for the review Coronaviridae, I am glad you liked it!

PS. I love great drum lines as well, and practice it frequently as I believe it is the very backbone for several styles of audio.

Encore! Encore!

There have been people who have told me that my music deserves to be in soundtracks.

If that's true, then you've got your work cut out for you!

I first encountered this piece on the NGAP Radio, and promptly downloaded it after the first staccato shout, not even bothering to listen to the entire song before putting it straight onto my MP3 player (you're in there right between Harry Gregson-Williams and Hans Zimmer!).

The image I got from this one was very much like the image you got from my song, "Funeral Dirge"--a bloody battle has just been fought, the ground is a mass of blood and gore, and a few survivors stumble through it all, trying to make sense of a world turned upside down.

The one thing that amazed me the most was the drums. The samples were amazingly lifelike, and reminded me a lot of Edgen's drums. Are you using the same drum samples he is, or something else?

Bravo, Maestro, Bravo!

MaestroRage responds:

Oh man! How did I miss this review! My sincerest apologies AmatuerAnimator! To write a response so late was pretty weak of me >_<!

With that out of the way, allow me to respond to it properly.

I love Hans Zimmer, to be compared to him is very flattering, but for that comparison to hold water, i'm going to have to travel a good distance yet, and I intend to with every fiber of my being. I will get there one day, and then I will sell cupcakes and bake cookies, and mix things with my conductor stick!

I have deemed it as such.

As for Edgen's drum samples, I don't know exactly what he uses, but these drums were from East West Collossus' Ethnic Drum patch, which had a great range of sounds that I enjoyed to use as much as to hear.

Thank you kindly for the review, and I again apologize dearly for the late response. You may never read the response as it's so late coming, but if you do, I appreciate it, and i'm glad you enjoyed it!

This is a first

In all my time on newgrounds, I don't think i have ever heard a song like this. It is incredible, but it wasn't what I expected from the description. To me, it sounded very much like a pacific islander piece, like a spirit dance around a bonfire. I can easily see warriors, their bodies painted with dye, dancing around the bonfire of thier village while the stars shine overhead. It is very impressive and a yet very spooky in a way. When I close my eyes and listen to it, I feel moved to...do something. I don't really now what, but something. Anyway, a very good piece. Thank you.

MaestroRage responds:

I'm quite interested in the visual image you portrayed denvermagi.

The description can be a fairly deceptive that i'll admit.

But you saw the warriors, and that was part of the story in my head, which frankly is quite... quite complex my good sir ;).

The full version of this has been done a long while, hopefully I will be able to release it soon, it is significantly longer, and better!

I'm glad you liked it denver, this was one of my more CPU intensive pieces, drove my PC to it's rim.

Thank you for the review ^^.


This is astonishing. The tribal feel is pulled of so well it scares me. ;) The chanting is fantastic as well. Did you record it your self? If so your amazing.If not get your self a mike and belt it out. :D And don't give me any of this "i can't sing" business. Well maybe you cant but still.

A real mystic feel covers this song i feel as if a shaman is blessing me for great deeds for the tribe.

Great work.

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