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This is the kind of song that gives me nostgia, even on the first time hearing it. Amazing tune and that bass is killer.

First and foremost, I just want to say that this song is SUPER catchy! I wish I knew of this song sooner.

The first 15 seconds starts off with a very funky vibe into it, those swinging sounds really engaged me!

The next 15 seconds is a great buildup, integrating the funk and your style. But, I do sort of feel like the funkiness and your usual style were split into two parts, I kinda wish you merged those two styles a bit more. However, your percussion in the background made it flow nice and consistent, and that's why I really like your music, when all else fails, your background music really saves the day, I'll never know how you do it.

The first drop is so addicting! It almost gives me Bruno Mars vibes. I like how the two styles really connect nicely, which I wish the buildup did. I'm not saying the buildup didn't do that, of course it did. Just not as seamless as it was at the drop. Actually, now that I think about it, it was smart of you to do this, as you allowed time for the drop to show its true power.

Nothing much to say about 0:55 to 1:15, this part is a great transition to the next part. I'm glad you kept this part simple.

1:15 to 1:22 is literally the best calm part of any song I have ever heard! The guitar and those deep sounds are so well integrated, the small pauses make this sound really cool, it adds a really unique sync to this part.

I love the use of the guitar in 1:22 to 1:38, this transitions nicely to the next buildup.

For the second drop, what I wish you did is that you shouldn't have repeat the same drop twice, especially when this was heard in the first drop. I'm no music artist, but perhaps you may try changing up the atmosphere, it would be really cool to see two different atmospherically funky drops, it would boost the funk factor's uniqueness a lot. You may also try making this slightly more intense than the first drop. It would actually for this song, as you have composed this song in such a way.

The ending followed through nicely, it wasn't choppy at all.

My Final Thoughts:

It was really nice to see a funky take on melodic electro, something that I have never heard before. It was really worth it to miss out on the saxophone on this one, definitely one your most unique and catchy songs you have ever made. Other than the repetitiveness of the second drop, I see a lot of potential with the type of electro you have composed for the future. I could literally see your style as its own genre, that be cool. xD

As for the rating, I'm giving you 4.5 stars. I would have given you just four, but the song is just so freaking catchy, I feel like giving it a four would be kinda harsh for just one mistake. A very well executed electro, well done. =D

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CreoMusic responds:

Thank you for the detailed review! I do agree sometimes a refreshing change for a second drop would be in order, oftentimes I struggle with exactly that though. There is a small musical element added towards the very end of the second drop, maybe it's not noticable enough since everything gets very overloaded there.

But I'm happy that you mentioned the song's funkiness several times. Not many others commented on it but I thought it those short stabby chords made up the songs character. :)

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