"Emperor's Daughter" - Reason3

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I started this peice awhile back & just finished. It's a symphony orchestra in Reason 3.0.


Really good!

You know I'm composing symphonic music with Reason 3.0 and a lot of people saying to me that this program is not the platform for classical music. But I disagree. I make classical music with it and the piece you made here proves the programs possibilities in this genre.

The first that caught my ears is the... ehm... dulcimer? And I could hear that you wanted to achieve a kind of japenese feeling in this song with the flutes and the dulcimer. You succseeded - I think the song really has this mood.

Another thing: this song has a lot variety like it'd be always changing and don't have repetitive part - so great use of themes and instruments. Only some minor dissonance can be heard in the dulcimers melody - but that's not so disturbing. The gentle violin was also great sounding

Overall: great song, great composition. A question: did you use other refill sets than just the Orkester Soundbank? Because the sounds I could hear are all from there.

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XayberOptix responds:

Reason is no doubt a very powerful music making tool! I started with vesion 2.5 and upgraded to version 3.0. At first, it's very intimidating to use because there's sooooo many knobs and sliders everywhere (not to mention all the wiring/cables on the back of the rack)!! But once I got the hang of things, I started to become more and more creative and productive. I created a few other orchestral pieces as well. If you haven't heard them already, try them out.

Yea the dulcimer was a really diverse instrument to use. I could bend those notes and make them sound like the "real thing." :) The strings sound incredibly real because I layered many of them together making it sound like a "group" of them playing. The other elements are quite breath taking too! The guys at Propellarhead really knew what they were doing!!

If you're a symphonic composer, I would recommend getting the "Strings" refill!! It's definitely worth it! I use instruments from it on a regular basis. :)

Thanks for the review. I'm glad you enjoyed this piece.

amazing work!

I am so pleased with this song,it truly brings that anciant-chinese feel, that it strikes me as hard to not believe that this is not from some real orchestra that you recorded...simply amazing! How did you make such a clear peice? i have been hunting down a keyboard and software that works well, any tips for an aspiring musician?

XayberOptix responds:

Sounds quite real, doesn't it? hehe. It's unbelievable what technology can do these days! As mentioned throughout, I use Reason 3.0 and Audition 1.5. With these 2 tools, you can pretty much make anything you want. Just load up on sound libraries and refills and you'll be set!

Thanks for listening and reviewing!


If I would've heard this piece in a strategygame(really has that militant feeling ;) ) from one of the big producers, I would not be annoyed, and that takes a pretty damn good song :P

Great job!

XayberOptix responds:

Wow! That's very motivating! Your uplifting comments inspire me to compose something even more epic! Be on the watch out for my next piece. Thanks for the review.


wow... just wow.somebody know music.wow...

XayberOptix responds:


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