Spark of Hope in the Sorrow

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http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/download/46dab36b278f6b3754aa2185c3f058f8 (midi, FL score)

time to open this project. free as in freedom, not free beer. it's a beautiful piece with great melodies and harmonies, but i don't have the heart and mind to continue. i'm having a little problem writing orchestra pieces lately. it all started with a very simple piano melody you hear at the beginning and ending. the strings just came naturally.

i felt like a self-centered prick who write music about myself. but i have to. it gives me a purpose to stay alive. The sense of self-pity so I won't jump off a bridge or OD with drug.

my mother passed away recently, and my siblings hated me for not taking care of her. friends don't care about a stink homeless, im dying from cancer, and life is not what it seem. i wish time could slow down, so i could tell my younger self to work harder, make better life decision and be a better man. but i can't.


I'm so sorry to hear about this. Thank you for reminding me how petty and stupid I am sometimes when feeling self pity, when In fact I should be DOING.

I hope you can still find meaning and drive,
above all I hope you find resolution

this piece truly remarkable and emotional.

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I0TA responds:

Life sucks. Trying to find meaning out of life is like running out of luck.

Thanks for your review bro

I hate that you are going through these sorrows, I really wish things were better for you... but I'm glad that you are expressing yourself here. Please keep letting us know how you're doing!

You've become a composing machine! I didn't think I could be in further shock - I listened to this beautiful song earlier this week but was pretty much rendered speechless. I've never known of anyone who can pour out so much brilliant material like this! Please continue for our grateful ears! :)

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I0TA responds:

thank you so much for your review! :)

have a good weekend!

Brilliant work, especially love the choir. Would love to know what you used on this, keep it up!

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I0TA responds:

the choir, brass and string ensemble were from Metropolis Ark 1. the solo vocal was Studio Sopranos. harp was Skaila Kanga Harp from Spitfire. banjo was from Ethno World. cello was Tina Guo Legato and violin was Adagio Violins. piano was a free SFZ i found on BedRoomProducersBlog.

thank you for your review! :)

What piano did you use, and how did you get such a deep and cold sound o.O? I love the way you made it sound :D

Your work with strings and the harp is lovely as always. What's the other plucked instrument I hear more to the right, at around 1:07?
Obv, the choir/song sounds amazing too.

Despite the hard times, I'm glad you're finding something worth fighting for. This is a beautiful way to use your pain in life, in order to create something wonderful; it's not selfish at all. Not much unlike Van Gogh and his paintings.

Keep the awesomeness flowing, dude!

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I0TA responds:

it was a free piano SFZ, low dynamic, long release, and a lot of reverb (edit: i think it was one of the free sample i shared with you on skype). oh the plucked instrument was banjo from Ethno World.

thank you for your great review! :)

It baffles me how strong some can be when facing the darkest of times. Despite all the struggle you still manage to submit something, and I find that very inspiring. I understand what it’s like to experience hardship; Major Depression has been with me since early adolescence. I know it gets to a point when even basic things like eating is too hard to do.

Even when your heart ceases to function, your music will continue to beat for many years to come. In the moment of certain death, it is important to realize that right now you are alive and you still have time to voice your thoughts. You can still show people that you exist and this is what you’re going through.

As far as your musical piece goes, I don’t really have anything of note. I think the title matches the composition quite well.

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I0TA responds:

it's important to keep on with the things in your life. i like to remind myself that even if there wasn't anyone else to stand with you there, you will have to keep going. i want to live and thrive in this world. there are so much stuff i haven't had a chance to see and feel.

don't give up like i did. keep going and give yourself a reason to move on.

thank you for your review! it means a lot! take care!

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