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I had a good time with this one so i hope you like it!

Please go check me out on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/etzergd/immerse/s-jKxO3


I definitely think drums, fills and melodies are your strongest points. Love this song!

Sing Screamroom by Xtrullor I would love to see that on YouTube!!!!

I honestly don't like this track, and you can do so much better than this. Roofstep was well made and catchy, so why couldn't this song be the same? Small disclaimer, I know nothing about music besides basic rhythms and bpm, but anything more advanced than that I don't get XD.

The intro is WAY too quiet. At first I didn't know if the song had even started. From what I can get from the reviews, the intro is from Zelda. Why? I don't get what Zelda has to do with this song. The intro feels really out of place, and it seems like a "Because I felt like adding it in" situation.

I have no problem with the piano. In my opinion it's the best part of the song, and it's really well done compared to the rest of the song. I don't really don't have much else to say.

The drop is the worst T_T. The main beat is actually kinda decent, but it's covered up by the incredibly annoying backup instruments (not sure if I have the correct terminology there XD). The instruments in the backup seem to be chosen at random. They add nothing. They don't make the song better. If anything they make it worse. Another complaint is the lack of bass, which seems to be a common complaint in your songs. Drops should be powerful, they should be what the entire intro was leading up to. But this song's drop just seems to be introducing a new beat. No power, no bass, just a new rhythm. This would be fine if this wasn't the drop, but it is. My final complaint about the drop is the main beat. The first part has a very good beat and rhythm, but it gets covered up by the obnoxious backup instruments. The second part is the most memorable part of the drop, but some parts feel too fast. I feel like the best way to explain myself by "Too fast" is with an example. There are 10 notes in line and they are all trying to be first. They all budge in front of each other and it turns into chaos. That's what the drop is: Chaos.

So in conclusion, this song is definitely not your best and is flawed in lots of areas. Sorry if this review seems random; I have almost no music experience XD

-Lucky Seven

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This reminds me so much of Novacore's Dynamo with all the sound effects :3 I really like this song, Etzer! ~S~

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Nice, nice
Get "five" lad :) Good luck

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