dj_padman - Klung

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In another world, the machines start to feel fear. Glitch/illbient kind of track.


Geez man,

I cant imagine your fitting much else into your days, these tracks sound like they'd take a mortal weeks to make. I like how youve nurtured your randomness into something great, this is so diverse. Im considering getting ableton man, I dont know how to get sounds anything like this in reason. your an ambassador for live.
keep em coming

dj-padman1 responds:

You'd love Live man. With reason its a bit difficult (impossible?) to really mess with audio within the program. live makes it a snap.
Catch ya.


Well.. it's looking like your pretty much god of glitch here in the AP. I certinly can't think of anbody else that pulls it of half as good as you do. Just, mezmerizing this song is... i didn't want it to stop.

This song envoked me to just smile the whole time while listining. It's just cool. Although, one of the pads in the background sounded alot like one in another song of yours. Can't remember if it's Zephyr or modern flywheel or Atomic harvest... but it's one of thoes ambient ones.

But eh.. who gives two poos anyway.
Great work dude. A+


dj-padman1 responds:

Thanks man, I really appreciate your kind words. You must have the memory of a rubiks cube master if you can remember pads like that! ;)
Lucky for me, I forget them in a day or two. Its always a new experience. hehe.
Thanks again, I must visit your page soon, its definitely on my list.


Awesome stuff you got here. I could write out a big review, but I'm a bit short of words at the moment. Very aphex like, or maybe Autechre. Great drums and samples. The ambient pads were very errie and creppy. A perfect ambient glitch song.


dj-padman1 responds:

Thanks SR, shucks..Aphex.
I bet you have some fresh baked tracks over at your place, I'll visit soon ;)


Yeah, thats what I'm thinking about...not rly the kind of ambient stuff I listen to...when I listen to ambient but it still goes into the direction.

There were some really tricky passages in there (the stuttered parts for example). I can't find anything to bug or to critic about on most of your stuff. It's made professional and thats just it.


Thanks for your vote, DarKsidE555! You voted 5 for dj_padman - Klung, raising its score from 4.25 to 4.33.

dj-padman1 responds:

I put this in ambient? oops, my mistake. This puppy is probably a misc, but I think I'd survive putting it in Industrial. miscellaneous is a bit crowded its depressing...;P

Ooh, yeah, when I see an opportunity to put some 64th notes someplace, I leap on it!

Thanks for the review dude.


I have always loved the sound of Nine Inch Nails and you seem to as well or atleast mimic their style to perfection even they could not achieve. Excellent sound track to someone looking for an industrial animation with a setting in the near future with a dystopian theme. This song reminded me of the game "Deus Ex" with suddle yet powerful flow of rythmic and highly distorted samples taking in account the need for people to listen to music now adays in stereo and not mono like some ng users still do. You've inspired me which at this point of my hobby/career of music mixing, was thought to be impossible. Keep up your great work. All I can really say to critique you is that I see alot of songs submitted very close together in reference to time. If true quality of your talent could be reached by taking some more time to tweak a song then I sugguest you try that out and see your full potiential.

~Red 7

dj-padman1 responds:

Thanks for taking the time to listen and share your ideas.
thanks for the NIN comparison! I feel I have a long way to go though. Deus Ex, I was hooked on that game for ages so maybe some of it rubbed off onto me ;)
I'm honoured that you've been inspired, great to hear, anything can set it off if my music can!
You've raised a very good point about the duration that a song takes getting prepared. Some songs I do slave away for a week on, some in one session. I suppse quality over quantity is always the way to go.
Well, thanks once again!

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Jan 30, 2007
7:52 AM EST
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