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Red7 - Coniferous Blizzard

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Author Comments

A little something to make you feel warm in the snow this year.



yea dude this is a cool little track. the sounds are great. one thing i would do to this track is maybe make a break in the song and change the bass line up a bit. you change the melody up but its the same duh uh duh uh duh uh. let the bass line have a chance to shine.

Redse7en responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed this song of mine! I fully understand what you mean and will keep it in mind while I work on my next projects. I just want to say thanks for pointing this out because the more people critique me the more I can build with my music.


Superb, now thats what others should submit more!

dang other things just been happening, but now that i'm back to this audio page :DDDD!

Firstly Woah! I see improvements! Seems to me like u are even more amazing in the Music making industry then before, like the feeling just comes to u and then u start producing these professional energy blasts of joy to the ears.
The beginning was like a Great flow of notes, the bass of the drum beats binds with the meldoy and synth quite smoothly.
This is something that's not repetitive like alot of the Techno and Trance out there which makes it very unique.
One little thing is that I felt u could have made this more pumping loud, like the intro can stay calmer, just that when the Main enterance towards the whole body of the track it turns into something more of a Rave Party or concert-like effect.
Someone like u making such Fantastic music cannot possiblely lose fans but Gain fans tremendously ;). I'll meditate and transform myself into two and w00t 1 more fan for ya x).

another master piece
well deserves a 5!
Wonder if u are ever going to do a collab with another NG portal artist xD (just an idea)

Wouldn't mind more of them awesome Red7 Technos
introduced into this world =)

lots of respect from a dedicated fan

Redse7en responds:

First off I just wanted to say thank you so much for coming back and checking out my song! I want to apologize for not writing back for so long. I blame school.

Thanks for the comment about my improvement. I have noticed this as well with how fearless I get when I start making a song. Not being worried about my decisions as much and so on. I really like the hard pounding energy filled songs out there in the techno genre so I try very hard to compete against that as well.

I really should have gone with everyones advice however and changed up the bassline some or done something fancy but hey, thats what these critiques are for right? hehhe.

I understand what you mean about the intro and believe me I tried to get it to sound that way however I'm sure I could have done a much better job at this. I'll be working on this aspect of my songs in the future now that you mention me needing the improvement in that area :)

I really appreciate your compliments! Since now it's taking me so long to get back with reviewers and make songs as well however I seem to loose touch with my fan base more and more. When I'm out of school and this whole area together I hope I can spend more time dedicated to music and the people who enjoy my music.

Believe me though I've tried to put down Fruity loops and go back to a life where my musical expression was squelched but I can't. As long as I have ideas I'll keep coming back.

Glad you enjoyed this song and do stop by again!



This is really awesome. I love the melody and it really does have a blizzardous feel to it. However, the song peaks quite a bit. I've already talked to you about this. You really ought to go back and remaster this.



Redse7en responds:

Hey thanks for stopping by! Yea I understand quite well what you mean about the peaking and know my songs all need mastering more. Ill be trying harder in the future. Thanks for staying on me about this issue cause you pressing the whole mastering thing has definately opened my eye about this. Glad you enjoyed the song for what it was though! :)


here we go

first off..

i love how the bassline and that melody seem to mesh together. and i like how that melody seems to jump around. it seemed a little off at first but the beat brought it together.

when the melody was combined with another synth it seemed more "full". a very delightful sound.
then when you brought in the other melody in with that at around 1:06 it was so subtle but made a big difference.

when you totally change it up at 1:31 i was like FCUK YAH!! lol. really nice change. i like how it sounded like bells/wind instrument/electric synth. good shit dude.

the new melody at 2:10 didn't do much for me. probably cause i didnt enjoy that synth all to much, but it still kept the energy flowing, and got me ready for the next change.

i like how when you introduce a new melody you cut off the hats then bring em back in in the middle of it. opened up my eyes to try something different. i kinda liked this one, how it sounded....... "stabby".. ?? :D

soo many different synths and melodies to go along with it. extrrreemely creative. you must've been exposed to a variety of different things growing up to come up with such creativity.

i love all the transitions, everything flowed into one another effortlessly. all the melodies kind of drifted into one another. GREAT effects. love em! each little break down. every snare hit.. nice.

the only thing i can think of to improve a bit would probably be a change in the actuall bassline. it was the same notes the whole way through. maybe like a pause for suspense playing only two different notes in the middle before introducing a dramatic melody.

other than that this song was STUPENDOUS! :) i'm running out of praising adjectives..... (they're adjectives right?)



Redse7en responds:

Thanks for checking me out again! Sorry it's been forever for me to check back with your review. :(

I remember fussing a long time about the bass synth making sure it wasn't too overpowering yet had enough "Umph" to get the song going.

The first part you mentioned where the that synth coming in and helping out the other was hard for me to deal with in the beginning however after listening to it a few times convinced me to keep it and make the song change up more.

At 1:31 like you said, I felt the same way exactly. I really liked the melodie and so I went in and made it so it built up even further during the song so it's almost like your battling the elements. I didn't want this section of the song to come too early or too late either cause I wanted people to be drawn in by the song.

I understand what you mean at 2:10 with the synth not going as well with the song because it's more electronic than the other synths. I just needed a little more diversity there I suppose.

The parts after that I went back to the same sort of synths however I wish the song coulda ended a little better with a better melodie.

I totally understand what you mean about the bass line needing a change cause it does get to be the same after 3 and a half minutes.

I'm glad you enjoyed this song and hope to see you in my section of newgrounds again!


Perfect, How expected...

Yeah, I knew none of the submissions you have power to upload could be bad. Keep going man!


Redse7en responds:

Thanks! I really do try to only upload great pieces but there is a cost to this. I have like 5 other songs I'm working on as well but never made it. They sound beautiful but I don't think I'll ever get around to working on them again. Maybe one day. Thanks for the review! Hope to see you again!

~Red 7

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4.28 / 5.00

Jan 29, 2007
11:14 PM EST
File Info
3.2 MB
3 min 33 sec

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