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Jim's Theme - Piano

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As you can hear and probably read already, this is Jim's Theme (which I uploaded about 5 days ago), stripped from most instruments, leaving only the piano. The VST I used is "The Gentleman". I figured it's quite apt considering both the character, and the jazziness of the piece.

I find I don't compose jazz music very often. I'd say this is quite easily my best jazz piece so far, as this is actually somewhat structured, and I thought about what chords and melodies to use. It turned out to be more fun than I thought it would be, to compose this!

You might also notice that this version is a bit faster. This is actually the speed I played it at! If you feel like it, you can watch the silly video of me doing so:


Thank you for listening!

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Man this is superb! I prefer it this way, and I personally find it a bit of a challenge to transcribe a piano piece into another arrangement as opposed to starting to write with the instruments forthright. As others have said, "Smooth!" Quite right. It almost seems it started as an improv since your ideas just flow from one to another, but I'm sure you then polished it at some point during your writing process. Your musical intelligence really is high when it comes to freely writing these melodies and progressions. I personally don't improvise and it takes quite a bit of time for my ideas to be fleshed out properly. From the start of the piece, the bass line really hooks me in. Another tidbit, when I listen to the motif starting at .28, my thoughts turn to a Pixar movie.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Why hello there! It has been a while :)
I'm super excited to hear you enjoyed this! I actually had a really fun time composing this one. I did indeed polish it while making it, and like most of my piano tracks, it started as improv. Well, I added the intro later, actually, but the process started with me just playing around xD
While the piece is short, it has all the parts I wanted it to include, and it has as much structure as I feel it needs. I prefer it as solo piano as well :D

I strongly recommend improvising. I've done it on the piano before I even started to play actual songs! Needless to say, it didn't sound too great back then :p
But even if I don't have a very good pitch recognition (compared to how it should be right now), I tend to have a fairly adept understanding of which chords and melodies work together, etc. I think improvising, has given me a lot of freedom when it comes to playing. It's quite liberating not to limit oneself too much! My main rule is: "If it sounds good, and works; go for it!".

That said, I think it'll be a while before I learn to polish music to the extent that you can do it :)
Since this is so different from my usual style, I was surprised by how 'smooth' the composing process was as well. I don't write that distinct basslines all too often, but I guess I must've done it often enough to be able to work it into this piece, in the very least.

As for the Pixar feel, this was actually partially inspired by "You've Got a Friend In Me", which is featured in Toy Story. An even more obvious inspiration is Cait Sith's Theme, from Final Fantasy VII.
Other than that, I just did what I wanted based on my general feel of how jazz is, in general. I actively tried to use more than just one scale too, in order to practice that element as well.

Well, this response turned out to be a bit long!
Btw, I'm going to have more free time for almost half a year, than I normally would. If you happen to get some time at some point too, we could perhaps think of starting on that collab we talked about ages ago :)
Not for about a month at least though, since I still have a few projects to finish up. But I'm looking forward to working with you if you feel up to it at some point!

Thank you for the nice review, man! :DD

I'm simply too lazy to write a comment on every one of your songs XP sorry, but know that I listen to them and love them all! :D and this one specially good job

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Haha, don't worry! I don't write reviews for all the tracks I listen to either, even though I tend to listen to quite a few :D
I'm glad you're listening to my music, and that you're regularly leaving reviews as well ^ ^
Thank you very much!

Very good!
I have to say that i'm already a huge fan of yours. Since i meet your work i've been listening the new releases and liking it so much. You got great talent. Congratulations and hope see more and more!

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thank you, and thanks for the youtube comment as well! It makes me glad to read such positive and uplifting feedback :D

Stop writing goodly. Soon it's going to look weird when half of my favorite tracks are by you and I'll have to be honest with myself about whether or not I'm stalking you :\

Half star minus because I feel like you could be composing arrangements with additional instruments just as fucking dope as this. You have so much talent as a piano composer. Why not ask someone like Mihai Sorohan if he'd be interested in doing some additional instrumentation for something like this? Why not ask him if he'd perform for this piece in particular? You can tell him I suggested it. He's very nice and at the very least would be too busy to say yes but I'd be willing to bet he'd still be down to try. I have a lot of respect for him :)

Don't let my suggestions slow you down at all. Being in a comfortable creative mode where the music just flows is something I envy. Just keep pumping out stuff and you'll be dead before you know it because life is really short but at the very least you'll have made a ton of radical stuff :'0

Sorry this review got spooky right there at the end.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Haha, I actually recorded this more than a month ago, so my pace isn't that fast. I intend to compose something new real soon though! Thanks a ton for the compliments ;)

I actually have a few collaborations brewing right now, but they're on slow-cooking mode :'D
Most of them won't use many real instruments, but some of them will include song! A few of them are covers, and a couple are originals. It'll still take a while to get them anywhere ready for uploading, I think :p
As for a collab where I play the piano, and someone else actually plays another instrument for the track, I think that's something I have yet to do (IRL band playing and such obv doesn't count, as I've done that a lot)! It's a cool suggestion. That said, I think I'm ready to leave this song be, and move to newer projects for now :)

I do know of sorohanro! I haven't personally exchanged too many words with him, but if I end up making a similarly themed piece in the future, I might steal your idea and contact him! :D

I still need to cover "WWW" for you. I find myself playing that riff a few times a week xD
If I end up making an actual piano cover, is that something I could upload to youtube/NG?

I can see where you're coming from with that philosophy, heh. I have a blog where I occasionally write some interesting thoughts as well, so I don't find it to be that creepy ;)


You’re very talented to be able to hop from one feel of mood to another in your work!^^ I would personally struggle in any attempt to compose jazz, but you’ve pulled it off very well here and I truly like this! It has a cheerful bounce to it, very bright and uplifting. Halfway in, I was imagining this would work great for an anime too, though it seems you have plans for it. In any case, nicely done! :)

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thank you! :3

Jazz definitely takes a slightly different mindset to compose, but I do think you could do it too if you put your mind to it. It has gotten a bit easier, since I played the piano for a while in a big band! :D
I love anime music, so it's no surprise if every once in a while my compositions could fit in one as well...

Thanks again for the nice words ^ ^

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Feb 22, 2017
4:32 PM EST
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