Unborn Evil

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Feb 21, 2017 | 5:41 PM EST
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My life's dream is to make a series of at least 8 movies about Christ and Antichrist. These movies would take place in an alternate universe (obviously).

The titles would be:
1. The Edible Bullet
2. Things That Descend
3. Holy Time
4. Birth of Evil
5. The Great Dissension
6. The Flesh
7. Evil's Weakness
8. The Black Desert

The basic idea of this universe is the Antichrist incarnating before the Christ. The reason for doing this is me believing that both Christ and Antichrist are in essence eternal forces, meaning that Antichrist was, in my personal religious, beliefs, already active before the incarnation of Christ.

Though this sounds like something purely interesting to religious enthusiasts, I bet the concept will also be liked by non-religious people. In fact, I think the films will be more liked by secular people as I constantly criticize various types of Christianity. Besides enjoying the criticism towards the church, I also think non-christians would enjoy these movies for their new and interesting way of portraying Antichrist, as I often find that even non-christians are intrigued by the Antichrist figure.

I don't want to portray Antichrist as a political leader. More often you'll find the character as a spirit all over the place trying to control the masses through a mystical force referred to as Arlandart.

The Christ figure (who only appears in the last 4 films) is also slightly different from what you're used to. I can tell you, He quite literally brings people not peace but the sword.

The religion of the people of this universe is also not monotheistic as you might expect. The creatures of this world follow a pantheon of 6,5 gods, even though those gods are not worshiped.

Besides the two main characters of Christ and Antichrist, there's a few more that are really important in this universe:

1. The nameless messenger of the god Kasmel (appears in all films)
This character is a wizard who is very overpowered. He's practically unkillable and he lives in a separate world known as "the edge of reality". In the first movie, he, together with a few other wizards, creates his own shadow universe that he uses to proof a point to somebody. Eventhough this character is insanely powerful, he is constantly shown to be very weak compared to characters that appear on screen very rarely, such as the gods, the Antichrist, the Creator and the Christ.

2. Ksoror, a prophet of the god Kasmel (appears in film 3,4,5,6 and 8)
This character often seems to shift between good and bad and he's generally unpredictable. The earliest thing we learn about him is that he is "the man who died once, but was resurrected twice". Sometimes I purposefully hint at this character being gay, but in my head he actually isn't.

3. King Pagnadelos (appears in film 3 and 6)
Though he doesn't have much screentime, he keeps getting referenced. He once reformed one of this universe's biggest empires when it was about to fall. It's also notable that this guy is specially engineered by the gods.

I don't really know really how to make these films. I tried to make the first movie all by myself as a four part serial, but it very soon turned out an impossibility, eventhough I specifically designed the script to make it easy. This song is a bit of soundtrack that I made for that film that I didn't end up making. Today I randomly decided to post it here. (and another bit of soundtrack as well).

If you want more on my theological views you can check my YouTube channel: youtube.com/CarloCopier
If you are interested in the films and you want me to tell you more about them for whatever reason: copiercarlo@gmail.com


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