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Requiem for Neon Light

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I try to interpret one's life with neon light, while looking at them and driving around Downtown to look for a spot to sleep. Then it caught my attention when a light on the street was dead after going bright. that's like life.

Will anyone miss them when the neon light die out? Or is this just a random song, with a random title, by a random hobo, waiting to die out?


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you deserve so much more , I want to cry~ ;m;

Was taken to Bok Tower the other day for anniversary.. beautiful gardens, and this giant tower of singing bells. Throughout, there's a quote displayed - 'make you the world a bit better or more beautiful because you have lived in it.' No doubt, your existence and the music you produce accomplish this. One who feels can't help but be irked by the world around you, though.

I have some catching up to do with your songs, and started here. Loving the industrial elements and energy you've thrown into this. I'm hearing a lot of focus in your work, everything is sounding very polished! There's a great drive throughout - always loving the drum work you produce! I don't know if I can say your music has progressed to higher levels, because you're music has always been awesome to me, but I think I will say it. ^_^

Montron responds:

Thank you very much for your review!

I think the minimal lifestyle on the street has taught me an extraordinary lesson, that even when you are in a darkest corner, there will always have light reach it. Life can be minimal, simple and material-less, yet you could find joys out of it. Yes, yes there are grieves in my heart, I grieve my late parents. Then I have to deal with being productive from whatever days left of my leukemia. When you are dying, you gotta be very wise with your time. And here I am, like a stray dog on the street with no direction.

But again, I found joy in life. Doing what I love. Music and art. As I mentioned in the past, I don't need fame. I could rebuild popularity quick and steady, over and over again many times. I don't care if I had a relevant name. All I care is good friends like you and many on here who enjoy, analyze and critique my work. They are the people I respect. I don't see people as mere fans, I see them as friends. And music is the best way of communication.

Thank you again for your awesome review!

Hands down favorite part, 3:07. That would be so good game/movie music :O
In general, I feel very engaged listening to this.
The fadeout ending works well too.

Do you think I would write homework effectively, while listening to this?
It ended up being a super inspirinng piece. Now I feel like I should go out and move, or something o.O
Great job, dude!!!

Montron responds:

My music generally are composed for everyone in mood of doing life's work. Maybe except Memory Malfunction... But yeah even I listen to them when I need some inspiration to get out daily fiasco of hustle. There were occasions that I wrote rap lyrics for them, though I am indeed the worst rapper on this planet. Music is my most powerful form of communication. I talk, send and imprint these works on people, not because of lust of fame, which I had none (you know how self-deprecated I am) but my empathy for everyone else. It's the ultimate form of communication that I could give.

Thank you so much for your support all these times. Needlessly to mention, I think that this track, and all the music I have produced counting from the time I met you, were and are indeed inspired by you. So I am thankful for you. :) Thank you.

Awesome man!

Montron responds:

:) thank you for your review, Mattashi!

Great work! There is a lot of energy in this one. The pace works very well and its also nice that you always try to bring in diversity in the details. If i should recommend something which could improve the track then it would be this:

- Use the full dynamic spectrum to give the track an even more versatile and interesting sound.
- I would do something in the stereo field and write a pan automation here
- some passages could need some reverb combined with effects (gated reverb and stuff like that
- i would insert a drop and bring in a midpart where the beat goes half-step (i hope its called that way but i guess you know what i mean) and do some melody synth passages. i think a main melody that appears at least one or 2 times in the track would ad even more uniqueness

But thats just my personal subjective impression. Great work - i have been entertained well good sir!

All the best,

Montron responds:

:D Thank you so much for your awesome review!

This was a strange track to produce. I apologize if the structures seemed quite random. Originally this was intended as a liquid breakbeat, but about 2 minutes in I had different idea for a dark IDM piece. This was my fault that the structures between first part and second part did not seem fit. Transitions were rough. It seemed quite raw overall.

Making pad in Serum was probably the strangest idea I did. After an hour or so I got bored and instead I made arps with them synths. Serum is definitely my best in the arsenal, next to Zebra 2 and Absynth. Many of the synths in lower section were from arps made from AEON. I got tired of the stock arps so I used AEON Melodic and created those melodies.

I should definitely work on more spectrum of the instruments, and more more work on automation. After the conversation on Audio forum with you about automation, I cut my teeth and try using dynamic curve and automation from then on. Still quite shy away from heavily using FX automation like I did on some previous long tracks. But there is always room opens for improvement, and I listen to people's critiques very seriously. :)

Thank you again for your amazing critique. I think you have seen through all the weaknesses in this track, and my defective in music production in general. Thanks. Take care!

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Feb 17, 2017
11:36 AM EST
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