Crown of Thorns

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Electronicore/synth-metal heavily influenced by Lindsey Stirling, Dark Sarah, Scorpions, Top Gear Rally OST, Wave Race OST, JK-FlipFlop's Sega Genesis tunes, Rush, and countless others.

This track is essentially in open beta, since I don't have guitar equipment decent enough to record. JK-FlipFlop may lend some more vocals, and RealFaction has hinted at doing some Kontakt guitar work. If and when that happens, another version will be released. Note, if you wanna contribute, PM me!

DAW: Mixcraft 7, 144 BPM, 4/4
Synths: Black Noh Snare, Acoustica Melodic Toms, Omni Sampler, Alpha Sampler, Nexus, Synful Orchestra, etc. Really, there's a lot.
FX: Emissary amp, NadIR, Kjaerhus Classic FX, etc.

Nothing you're hearing is regurgitated samples. Everything is heavily edited by hand. Hopefully, I can get a DI Box and start recording guitar myself some time, and maybe better monitors for mixing. Next goal is find a better metal kick sample. I feel the one I have has a bit much mid, but I'm gonna be playing with some new synths like Sean Pandy soon so should be fun. The kit you're hearing now is a mix of 4 or 5 VSTs.

Theme, religion being used to control the populace, specifically the papacy.

Time is running out
The star streaked sky plummets to the ground
Born midst a hail of lies
Freedom screams in a world deaf to cries
of pain, of shame

For a long lost brother she bore
The kingdom suffers evermore

Lost in a cold system
but found again in adherent religion
They call it liberty
under mantle of hypocrisy
become the sheep
they tend the flock
you bend a knee
your soul to keep
sleeps underneath
blanket dishonesty

This, the bed you've made
A thousand lies to keep you safe

For a long lost brother she bore
The kingdom suffers evermore

The caress of this half life
traipsed 'pon liberty
the paths of fear we tread

Democracy dies with every tongue lying silent
Theocracy thrives with every lie and act of violence

Truth in Christ compells compassion
Politics reduce to ashes

Tears of blood are shed in vain
Who can say they know his name?

For a long lost brother she bore
The kingdom suffers evermore
For a long lost brother she bore
The kingdom suffers evermore
and bears his crown of thorns

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This song sounds cool, I see where you're going for but the mix needs a lot of work. The rhythm guitars are hella low and need to be boosted up and panned hard left and hard right. As well as the drum toms too they seem to sit in the middle of the mix and are a little too dry. The lead solos have a little too much highs/mids in them and kind of hurt my gay ears hahaha.

I like the way the strings sound. The vocals are a little weak and I feel they shouldn't be panned hard right and left and kept more in the middle with the blend of the highs and lows and the clean vocals sound good as well just kind of hard to make out what she is saying. I would say get a gear upgrade and start tracking real guitars and get a better drum sound and daw to work with and you'll be set! Invest in a solid guitar processor! I'm not a fan of vst plug ins for guitars but that's my opinion hahaha. Overall cool song but does need a lot of work and a lot more umph to it.

ADR3-N responds:

Yeah, mixing is a bit weak on this one, on part of some seriously lacking hardware. I actually did hardpan guitars but it's just a liiiiitle bit hard to manage when all you have are samples, not even a synth, haha. Good news is, I'm ordering a DI box and a usb guitar rig so should not have this problem for very long.

The vocals may sound a little too hardpanned because they're quad tracked and I'm not too experienced mixing vocals. Kinda my first rodeo on that one. Actually, I'm not a very experienced singer relative to my composing. If you've got recommendations, inbox me

I don't like giving critical reviews ever really, because I personally just feel like a dick head telling someone they gotta do this and do that when:

a.) I am fairly noobish at mastering my own shit,


b.) I have this weird personality quirk/defect/flaw where I feel like I HAVE to make sure I'm in the good graces of everyone in the world always... lol so I avoid giving negative reviews for that reason too. I hate when someone doesn't like me lol...

But you asked me to let you know what I thought of this one, so I will leave an honest review... *and also I don't take you for a person too sensitive to a little criticism; I'm sure you can handle and probably actually encourage it sometimes. And so do I honestly. I think maybe my problem is when people bring up issues I'm aware of, or are out of my control, or intentionally done by me. But yo- the song...

I listened to it and I'm overall not really diggin' it. But it's not BAD by any means.

What I'm saying I guess- is that it feels like 2 different (good) songs to me. Fused together.

I love the theme, beat and lyrical content btw, but the starkly contrasting vocal styles clash a little too much in my opinion. And now I feel like an ass, lol. But yeah I think this is potentially the prototype for 2 good songs dealing with a similar theme.

4.5 stars but possibly TEN stars in the future??? Alright, hope all is well homeslice!

ADR3-N responds:

I get what you mean. Actually, seriously appreciate the critique, especially on the vocals. Helps me keep in mind what works and what doesn't!

Been a busy day today RL. Just now popping in to check on NG

Aside from the points I mentioned in our conversation, I think the best way to bring the guitars out would be to try an FM synth with slight overdrive, then an amp simulator instead of samples. Might come out a bit louder.
Although I do love the use of synth, I think it might be what's killing your mix. It just feels like there's too much going on to reach that maximum volume. Possibly also the reason for the guitar not being very audible. But I haven't seen the project, I can't say for sure.
However, the good points here are the composition, the vocals (the chorus, not caring much for the screams tbh) and the overall complexity with both the orchestral parts and the percussion. I feel like this good be an absolutely amazing song with better mixing and mastering.
btw hit me up if you wanna know how to properly rig up your guitar.

ADR3-N responds:

Actually, I did try an FM synth with NadIR and Emissary. Ended up not being happy with the tone though and going with samples. What's interesting to me is that across several different car speaker systems as well as desktop speakers, the guitars come through clear as day and sound separation is good, but on headphones, it's like looking for a needle in a haystack, and the overtones are a little... ew.

Good news, I am actually going to be able to afford a DI box and usb rig for my guitar, so soon you'll be able to critique my technique! :P Lucky for us my live mixing is a lot better than my sample chopping.

Also, if you could point me to some good scream technique vids, that'd be awesome. I've been screaming for a good decade but always as an amateur, and the first time I started studying technique I was probably in late highschool. So not more than 5 years ago really. It's something I aim to improve, and I would really like the individual aspects, including mixing, critiqued to fuuuuuck. Really, I'm not shy.


my fav part is 2:17 - 2:20 but my actual favorite part is 3:20 - 3.54.

chili beans.

Q ~~

ADR3-N responds:

I have no idea what most of these phrases mean, but the appreciation is 200 fold

The strong points on this piece are : the composition, the overall idea, and the vocals.
The weak points are the sounds of the piece, the synth work seems in order, but the 2 (maybe 3, I'll get to that later) parts of it that feel really soft are the guitar and drums. Even if your guitar isn't the best available, those "power chords" could use more presence. Those drums really need some power to get in tune with the rest of it. A trick you could do the get some extra punch and reinforce your guitars it's to change the bass for a more rock-ish one and add some overdrive to it.

ADR3-N responds:

Good points. Although I would like to point out that those "powerchords" are quite literally the grand total of 10 or so hand-pieced samples because I can't afford Kontakt. If I had Kontakt on the other hand it would be a lot better. Working on this. What I will probably do is get a rig to record guitar and do it myself, unless RealFaction beats me to the punch

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Feb 12, 2017
6:16 PM EST
Heavy Metal
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