Phantom Zero

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I'm especially proud of this one - if you liked Dark Storms at Sea, give this a listen. =)



Ima fan of Dark Storms at Sea,so I appreciate this.

Karco responds:

Glad you liked it.

sweet :)

i like it because its unique and has all the right sounds put together in all the right ways"thumbs up"

Karco responds:

Ha, the first review for this song in well over a year. XD This actually was one of my better songs at the time, so I can see why you say so. Thanks for the review, glad you liked it! :)

great track

So far, I like it, kind of calm and mysterious. you chose some good synths. I like your choice of drums, but it kind of gets repetative (like my some of my songs).
I like the slow moving melody in front of the drums, it gives a mystical feeling. Not very action packed, but still a wonderful track. It all builds up kind of slow, leaving you on the edge of your seat, then settles down, a little disappointing, makes you want it to bust out all fast.
nice ending, settles down nicely.
that was an over all wonderful track, you really have a talent for this, i think the score is less than you deserve. keep it up, man

Karco responds:

Yeah, it's, again, one of those spookier, quieter songs. Glad you like it.

I'm currently working, actually, on a five-part song titled Atmosphere... I think you'll like parts of that one, too, though it's going to be very diverse in genre. =D

Thanks for the review! :)


I know it says 'Genre: Music- Trance' but I like to ignore that part, that way my mind is limited to just reviewing it as a track that should have THIS type of feel or THAT kind of progression, etc...If you get my drift. I also understand the NG doesn't have a lrge selection of Electronic genres and sub genres on offer. LOL.

When I fisrt listened to it I was thinking it was a DNB track. But then the beat faded in for the mock buildup. LOL. That was a nice effect also.

I love the feel of this track. There are certain elements that I'm jealous of. LOL. Won't tell you what they are though....Let you stew! But this song gave me a few idea I might try in my own ambient/trancey/slow/pure-awesomness track. LOL.

The idea I got from the first track, up the top, was a slow ambient/Trance track. With filtered pads, female voc, synths, echoes, etc. LOL. Something nice and soothing.

You are a source of inspiration! :P

The melody in this track is nice also. The whole track is just pure awesome. LOL. I don't want to point out EVERYTHING good about this track (I'll be here for a good part of the night). LOL.

yet ANOTHER great...Track....Soon I'm gonna have to find a word other than 'great'....LOL.

Karco responds:

This is definitely one of my better tracks... my latest four are. I'd also have to agree the atmosphere I've set up in this song is one of my best.

Inspiration, huh? Bookmark my audio page, then, I'm not planning to stop anytime soon as long as I'm getting some, too... XD

Glad you like it so much. Are those other three reviews for my three latest all yours? You've just made my day. =) Thanks for reviewing!


I really really enjoyed this track. It's very dark and nasty and ambient and awesome. While the other reviews are correct on lack of a definite melody, I think that the song is good as is. It has a real fullness to it and it sounds great. I also liked the intro because it is misleading...you think it's going to get right into it after the buildup but it comes back down a little first. Very nice touch.

~Check out my stuff when you get a chance. If you like it then tell other people too. I'll sure tell everyone about you.

Karco responds:

Yeah... it definitely is one of my darker, better songs. =) A review for Nova would have been much more appreciated, but I'm never ungrateful to a reviewer. =P Thanks, it means a lot.

Unfortunately, I might not get the chance to check your stuff out for a while... go ahead and send me a PM as a reminder if it's been a couple of days. ;)

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Jan 27, 2007
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