Get Into It

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Just made a quick song. Hope you enjoy! (Reviews are appreciated, thanks guys :D)

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When the other drums kick in around 0:45, the drums do sound a little off. But I think it has it's charms, with the echo-ish build-up leading up to that. I think it would've sounded nice if you gave the rest (everythig except the drums that moment) a kind of muted sound, up until 0:56 (when the normal drums take over again). To give it a kind of vibe, like you've stepped out of the song and hear it like it's comming from someone's headphones from a little distance. To go and 'Get Into It' again at 0:56 (hehe, cleverly using the title, I'm like a total genious ';,D)

MavMusic responds:

The drums do sound off but i'm thinking of editing this song to tune down the drums and "give everything else that moment" as you say and ill try to take your tips and i REALLY like your idea of where i make it like you've stepped out of the song and hear it like its coming from someone's headphones then get into it again. I think that ideas great! thanks for that, it really helps me. and yes Guidodinho you are a total genius ;)

The melody is very catchy and soothing :D I only wish it were longer ;-;
Great job though!

MavMusic responds:

Thanks BubbaBrix! I'm glad you liked it. Ill try to make another Drum and Bass song that is longer just for you. ;D

This was some super clean liquid dnb. Drums sounded a little crunchy, maybe strap a filter or EQ on them and lightly shave off some of those higher frequencies a little? IMO.

Melodies and arps were beautiful. Reese synth was nice. A little too conservative for a nuero reese but perfect for liquid. Those female vox were a great touch too. Reminded me of Ben Sage's old dnb tunes. Check out this track by Ben Sage & Subsonic and tell me you don't like this :)


MavMusic responds:

Thanks for the tips! I do agree that the drums sounded a little too loud and crunchy, which is my fault. and i listened to the track and it sounds great. It could help me with a new song idea but i wont copy off of it xD Anyways, thanks for the tips and feedback, I appreciate it.

Wel it is not ear pleasing when the drums start to play second time. They are whistling or something. But the song is very nice.

MavMusic responds:

Sorry about that, I was going to tune the drums down but i forgot to. If youd like i can re publish the song with the drums tuned down. But anyways thanks for the feedback. :D

Heya !

dude those beginning drums are awesome, like really !
I'm usually not a big fan of drum n' bass but I gtg say this one was sweet
the transition ay 0:34 is neat too
Hope I was helpful, have a nice day !

MavMusic responds:

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed it. It really makes me happy when someone enjoys my music. Thanks for making my day! :)

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Feb 6, 2017
12:44 AM EST
Drum N Bass
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