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_-={When Demons Cry}=-_

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Song for Escalation. When a monster's concious catches him and lets him hear the dead cry.

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sounds kind of pirates of the caribbeany, love it.

So Many Stories

"War... is Hell. I have fought alongside my comrades to preserve the peace and balance that we swore to uphold. The human world was to never notice the existance of the magical world. That way, peace could continue... but we failed. When our kin found the world of creatures, of peoples and races they considered demons, war was immediately declared. The Vatican called for no survivors and, sure enough, every non-human race was hunted to extinction. My comrades and I had always worked to uphold the secrecy that the other races needed to survive... now I am the only one still alive.

It happened too quickly. We were assaulted by the Vatican army when we were still preparing to evacuate the other races. Anne fell first. The graceful half-vampire was struck down by silver-tipped bullets most likely blessed within the Vatican's own churches. Then Eric fell. The werewolf's natural weakness... silver... it took him quickly. Yoshi, our nekomata, was also killed. I think the barbarians had fun cutting his tail from his body and leaving him to bleed. Kate, our dark fairy... light was always her weakness, and so too was the holy blades they carried.

Finally our leader, Lynda, was the last to fall. Though she was part human, just like the rest of us, she was also an elf. She fought valiantly with the last of her ammunition, but she eventually ran out and was overwhelmed. They chose to burn her, along with the rest of our headquarters. Now I am the only one left alive, only because I am a human and because I was able to escape with my life. Looking over the remains of my former home, I gripped the debris tightly in my hand. Once I had hated this place. My induction in this now dead order was forced upon my accidental discovery of it, but it had grown upon me. Now... it had become everything to me... and it was all taken away.

Looking down on the ground, I noticed my precious sniper rifle. It seemed to be untouched, even after going through the fire. I picked it up, carressed it to my chest. How many lives had this gun taken? The lives of cold-hearted humans along with lives of some of the other races, where malice and hatred ran in their hearts and they attempted to destroy humanity. I fought to protect everyone, killed to safeguard the world... and now there was nothing left to protect. Humanity would "save itsself" by killing the other races, the allies we could've had in the future. When the day comes for humanity to die, there will be no one to save them now... and I did not want to live to see that day.

Though I hated the thought of having to do this, I knew that I must. The last of the Celetials would have to fall, to safeguard the few secrets we kept. Though the mortal races may fall, humanity must never reach the sleeping Gods. Perhaps then, when the world's end is nigh, they will awaken once more and defend whatever's left, to keep absolute from destruction from raging across the land. But I did not plan to be there. Aiming the barrel of the gun to my head, I had to use my foot to reach the trigger and pressed on it quickly. There was a loud bang, a sickening noise of blood splattering across the ground... and then I was free from my body and all turned black."

And that's my story set to this song. Hope readers like it.

great song!

its really soothing yet a bit sad.

sorry, i cant help my self! heres a story i pictured while listening:
A lone soldier walks across the ruins of his home village, long ravaged by the war that ended nearly a week ago, he feels his vision slowly fog, due to his fatal injuries. The soldier carries on though, as if some invisible force is pulling him, refusing to let him die until he fufilled some goal. He soon happened upon the ruins of his house, long burned to ashes and dust, slowy fading away into nothing, he colapses at a near by tree, where the graves of his loved ones stood. A fell breeze brushes his cheek, as if welcoming him, as the last sunset he would ever see took place before him, its gold and crimson rays touching the ruined village, and the lone soldier was now at peace....

sorry again! great song, keep up the good work!

MaestroRage responds:

don't apologize! it's a very touching story. Without knowing anything about this soldier, I can feel his unexplainable desire to die with his kin. Share victory, share defeat. An army, a people are destined as such.

Thanks for the story, and the review! Glad you liked it.

Story story...stories!

Here's my story (and I apologize beforehand). Serious comment located below.

Wario farted and the whole Mushroom Kingdom suddenly vanished. Mario sets on a quest to do something (haven't quite figured that part out yet, but it involves apple sauce, just don't ask how). It also involves mushrooms and somehow Luigi's involved too, again (probably still living in Mario's shadow, or something, you know how he is). Peach is just Peach (thought I was gonna say peachy, didn't ya) and ends up getting kidnapped by a giant ................ ummm ............. let me think .............. ummmmmmmmm .................. turtle, whose name so happens to be (yes you guessed it) Bowser, aka "I got my ass whooped by Mario so many times it's a miracle that I'm still here".

Turns out that: Mario was in Toronto, or New Jersey (hell if I know); Peach ended up lost, in the woods, somewhere (probably in here own backyard); Bowser is really a kangaroo disguised as a monkey (that sucked); and Yoshi is a vegetable. Hell I'm just making this up as I go along. Screw Yoshi (not really). And toad is the most useless character in this game, or movie (whichever is funnier). Kill the infidel! Buy more useless crap!

___ OMG? Who writes this crap?
|o_o| /
/| |\

But seriously, this is a great piece of music. I apologize, but I couldn't resist. I felt both happy and sad at the same time, and very few songs I have listened to on Newgrounds have failed to do that. This could easily fit into the game I'm making with RMXP (RPG Maker XP). A great aftermath piece. "The price we pay for war is greater than the reward of victory," or something like that (sorry I'm not really good with proverbs).

I hope I haven't offended anybody (probably going to be voted as a useless review, but who cares) and that you guys have a good sense of humor. Keep up the already good work.


Thank you for your time,


P.S. This is the longest review I have ever written here (and I still have 2,072 characters to write, nice).


Peaceful, calm and bittersweet. Those are my words to describe this piece of art.

In other words. I love it!

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Jan 26, 2007
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