TIGERM - TigerMvintage - Hall of Terror

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TigerM - TigerMvintage - Hall of Terror

While working as
Secretary / Office Manager / Receptionist and Accountant weekly
at MGCM, his stepbrother's Music School and Music Conservatory,
Tiger was introduced to the Roland Boss DR-5 Rhythm Section...
and... often more than
eight hours a day producing arrangements...

Using the MIDI instruments on Roland's DR-5, in a single month,
Tiger would produce over 250 unique arrangements.” [some call them "beats!" ^^]


This Roland Boss DR-5 tune I created in the same year
prior songs I did on the MIDI device in the year 2000.
At sixteen years old I had this video game idea that I made
several songs for but at 16 I couldn't code computer applications
or create websites and the ideas remained as pencil and notebook drawings.
A great deal of the program content remained in my head but "Hall of Terror"
was an extension initially born in imagination graphically of a corridor my
desire to create an original video game level
could not become satisfied without assistance of
an in-game editor or "level designer" (the first I used was in Sierra Lode Runner
on a Compaq Presario computer in 1996 running Windows 95).
Unfortunately [or fortunately honestly] my idea for an action
video game in 2000 [four years after designing my first video game level]
after producing "Hall of Terror"
belonged in a video game I had in mind that currently did not occupy space.

My game did not previously exist.
I wish I had my game level idea to upload with my original song today--
but ode to sadness. =F =^^; I knew nothing of Actionscript at sixteen
nor "Adobe-anything" (Dreamweaver OR Premiere nor Macromedia Shockwave-now
Flash) so after holding back for over fifteen years (sixteen years now)--
here is the MIDI music for a game title and action game level that is by far outdated today.
Beyond Microsoft Paint, I didn't do a lot of graphic design until in my " mid-twentities. "
I began to dabble in it though around nineteen.

Back to the MIDI music I completed "Hall of Terror." ^_^
Simple and tenderly repetitious (some of you may disagree on "tenderly..." (.(;)
this tune is completely unique on Cassette 3, composed and placed
for the first time and shared with public titled "Legendary" in 2000.
Although there are those who have free-styled to this "beat" --
there is a bit more to some of my tracks I didn't speak about while sixteen.
[Who wants to talk about boring video game levels that don't exist
when "my hot rap is ready to spit / so all ya'll come see who 'git'" ^^; (wit it ^^; ... =B) =]

I composed music and designed video game levels as early as twelve
[music notation as production on the piano earlier (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, A...) and
video game level designing in Sierra Lode Runner and Westwood C&C: Red Alert ]

So I had more on my mind than song lyrics or free-styling or piano
or violin or drums (I didn't then and still today do my best to keep sharing
all aspects of myself beyond biology and artistry and do what I can to remain honest to myself
and not pretend "I am awesome because I am a "Scientist" or "Musician."]

I simply did "Hall of Terror" on DR-5 by MIDI notation in 2000 while
thinking of what it would "look" like if not simply something in thought.

Think of the background of " Sabrewulf 's level "
(that hallway with the chandelier swinging) in the original SNES
version of Killer Instinct then running down it.
Now imagine An ID Software game. Now You have an idea of
what "Hall of Terror" looks like. I hope You also enjoy now
what would be the original music for my game level then as well. =)

Remain remarkable &
Thank You For Listening! =^_^=

Forever In Love With All That Which Exists,
(That Which Is Seen & Unseen, Known & Unknown)
- Writer, Artist, Musician, DJ, Eternal Student & Being of Existence,
-Tiger M. Gales aka WAM! DJ, TIGER M! ^_~* [Day of Coincidence! 2017 * =) =} ^_^ =} =^_~ =) ! ! ! * | Saturday]
-7:00 PM (2/4/2017) [Eastern Standard Time, North-of-Equator, U.S.A.]



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