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Talking Real - Geometry Dash Situation (S2E4)

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Today I give the full rundown on the past, present, and future of the situation regarding Geometry Dash and Newgrounds, plus the problems we ran into along the way.

(I made the songs in the background, haven't released them yet. First is "If You Ain't Livin'" and the other is under my rap project Kid Project, called "Skill", not finished yet)

RobTop's Post to GD Users: http://robtopgames.com/blog/2017/02/01/geometry-dash-newgrounds/

Troisnyx's Post giving more details and mythbusting: http://troisnyx.newgrounds.com/news/post/979356

Proof I took it down: https://twitter.com/RealFaction/status/826549208559841280

TOPICS: Well, there's only one topic today.

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I'm a good gd user. I wasn't here when this happened, but it sounds like 2020.

I agree, I will quit the gd comunnity. It disgusts me how idiotic they can be..

Speaking it real. :) Even with a solution in place though, it's aggravating some people just can't seem to understand. Or want to. I've been following the rage and confusion (though not without compliments and support) in the official post, though feels difficult to respond constructively to users who really aren't taking in any of the information they're getting. Feels like you managed to stay humble with this though. Objective and positive, with a flare for drama with the how-bad-it-was. Easy to listen to overall. Hope to hear more of these! And always interesting when it's a topic regarding NG. :)


ThatJohnnyGuy responds:

Yeah sadly. That's their choice though, but at least i took the time to try and explain, if i didnt care, i wouldn't have wasted my time and just would brush people off and be angry at them. But i'm not like that. I care about people. I understand their frustration. But it's great that more GD users are positively responding to this podcast and woah i'm getting new followers and more people want to hear more podcasts on nerd culture.

I'm glad people are mostly seeing my points here, because it's all factual. Not just biased. Thanks man. Next episode: Resident Evil 7 theories and RE8 theories, talking about the game, then an episode on 7 Days to Die, and other topics I like. Thanks!

I would say definitely start putting your podcasts on YT, and put this one up there. Needs it.

I definitely concur with what you've got down here. A cool idea turned into NG getting a ton of heat, laws being broken, and lots of death threats for taking down stolen music, as well as protesting the game's principle.

I also can't buy that Rob was "working on a fix" for 2 years. It does not take 2 years to tell your users to stop stealing shit and fix your game so that users can't just fire-and-forget with a new NG acc ad nauseam. Rob could have done this from the bat if he wasn't just taking advantage of people's perception of creative commons music. There are still users out there saying "Die Newgrounds" because they don't get that CC isn't copyright, BUT it isn't totally public domain. CC non-commercial is where stuff gets tricky.

One correction, NEWLY scouted artists will have to get approved by RobTop to get their stuff used in GD. Already scouted artists won't. This will probably piss off people who don't read, but you know how it is. My previous newspost goes in depth to explain most of what happened here. I'll have to check out Troisnyx's.

Take care!

ThatJohnnyGuy responds:

I did :), thanks! Right, exactly. Yeah, sadly :c and yeah it does get tricky. Yeah I figured that might be the case. I linked her post because she also links to yours and everyone's so it's like a "source" post to everything. Thanks, you too! In the future I'll be talking about other topics i have planned hopefully once a week, like RE7 and Nintendo. Seems I have new listeners :)

ok, so as a geometry dash player i was interested in listening to this podcast (i did listen to the whole thing). i think in the middle the chronology felt a bit confusing, because i thought that the death threats and you saying that you came out to be the person who flagged the game was before robtop posted the announcement of the change, but you presented it after you mentioned the announcement, which might come out to some people that even after the announcement, the geometry dash community was still at the same state of anger, which isn't true. sure it was still continuing a bit but most people calmed down. other than that, the summary was spot-on.

next, i dunno much (at all) about the legality of using newgrounds music in the game, but for robtop to add the ability to use music from newgrounds in the first place, wouldn't he have had to negotiate something with the people who run newgrounds? i mean it doesn't sound like rob to just steal a whole platform's content, and he would've gotten in huge trouble if he hadn't obtained newgrounds's consent. so technically, if newgrounds gives robtop permission to use their songs on the audio portal, wouldn't it mean that the people who upload their creations on their platform also give permission for their songs to possibly be in geometry dash? the "You may not use this work for commercial purposes without making specific arrangements with the artist." is a little vague to me since i don't really know if "specific arrangements" includes the consent newgrounds gave to robtop. i would think so, as newgrounds is the platform the artist is uploading on.

one more thing: i don't think taking down geometry dash on steam was the best course of action to get robtop to notice you guys and your message. i admit though, i can't think of a much better way either right now. as of me writing this, the game is still not back up on the store, and that's a pretty big problem for the solution that robtop had mentioned in his announcement post. don't quote me on this as i'm pretty clueless with game development as well, but since the game is off steam, rob won't be able to update it (because there's nothing he can update) so that the new system is in the game (at least in the steam version of it).

overall i thought the podcast was a pretty good explanation of the situation. some extra things i have to say are:

1. death threats are all over the internet and if you use the internet at all, you would know that most people tell others "kys" all the time as a sign of anger/frustration. it's pretty harmless for mad geometry dash players to send death threats, and if you take what they say seriously, it's kind of a sign of weakness in my mind. it just sounds stupid to me that anyone would actually kill themselves because of some angry kid on the internet.

2. the aggression was mostly the gd players, i am 100% aware of that, but i don't want anyone to think that the newgrounds people were angels during the whole situation either. (e.g. troisnyx saying "kill yourself" to a mad (and probably senseless) gd player in one of her responses on her "down with geometry dash" post). i mean i know it was in retaliation and she did apologize, but it was still an example of how it wasn't a "hostile vs defensive" but rather "hostile vs hostile".

3. anyone saying that "newgrounds songs are what made robtop rich" is wrong. that's like saying "geometry dash is what made *insert newgrounds artist* famous". people didn't buy geometry dash just to use newgrounds music in a level. heck, some people don't even use that feature at all. but those people still have lots of fun, not by using music and making a level out of it, but playing levels that others made. the ability to use songs from newgrounds is really only 10% of the game compared to the various gamemodes, quests, grinding, currency, customizables, a sort-of story, and obstacles in it.

i enjoyed the talk. i might keep watching more of them and will look possibly forward for the next one. :)

ThatJohnnyGuy responds:

Ah I see. Sorry for the confusion. Mods were getting insulted for taking down songs these users stole and uploaded too. Tom and Rob had talked I mean he got permission , but when things went bad, Rob just let it happen, essentially imo I think bullying Tom in that sense, leading Tom on about a fix that he may not have been making at all, until cornered to do so.

I was sick of seeing my friends like Tom and the mods suffer from extreme stress with the stuff they already go through in their personal lives on top of that. Rob did some damage. But at least he's FINALLY owning up to it. :/ I'm still kind of mad at him. I don't hate him, but I'm not fond of him right now.

Like I said, we tried everything any anything to contact Rob, there was sadly no other way. I had to be the one to do what others wouldn't, to get stuff done, so nobody had to be stressed out or being overworked due to this nonsense anymore.

Specific arrangements is anything and everything outside of GD AND in GD, legally applies to the song and the artist no matter what, you have to ask the artist for permission to use the song always. Many people were missing this, and some kids didn't care to read it, and some knew what they were doing but tried to get away with it, and failed.

I thought the game might be up but I guess it's not yet. It should be in a week or two from what I recall hearing on Steam's end, but I could be wrong. Maybe he's still working with it. It's allowed to be republished, but only when he applies the fix to the Steam/PC version.

Thank you. Reply to 1: Yeah, but that's still no way to treat someone in general. I stand by that point. People have feelings and those are disregarded, they are going through a LOT, and death threats only hurt them worse simply because they're not feeling the strongest right now in their daily struggles. It's not a weakness, people just need rolemodels to learn how to not treat people like ya know...shit.

2. Yeah it was, and no some of NG's people weren't right either, I realize that. SOme even went as far as "down with GD", which I understand, but that's going a bit far. Same with the other end, as I mentioned, some people wanted NG to die, didn't care about the site they abused. Both ends had faults. She said "kill yourself"? Geez...well that is a bit bad....but I understand she was mad, but I don't condone to that either. I do feel for her though, she's under a lot of stress because of these users.

3. Well, unfortunately that's the impression we got, since a lot of people signed up to newgrounds to basically upload stolen music or use ours without permission. Whether they bought GD for that or not, eventually that was the purpose of NG to them for GD, even going as far as saying NG was famous because of GD, thinking it's not 20+ years old....lol.

I realize there are good users who don't even use that feature, but unfortunately, thousands and thousands have. Maybe hundreds of thousands by this point. Well...not anymore :). That's a good point though saying it's 10%, though it does seem to be used by a lot of people, definitely got popular of a feature. Sounds cool though, the other features.

Thanks! Talking Real has mostly been for my fans to update with my music, my projects, and personal life, but lately, I've had some topics I've wanted to touch over, like Resident Evil 7, and the Nintendo Switch, simply because im huge on both fandoms (Nintendo in general) and have a lot to say on them.

Next episode I'll probably talk about either or, trying to make it weekly, sometimes bi-weekly.

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