Ferris Wheel (Attempt 1)

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You do not reinvent the Ferris Wheel, //
Somebody did it once, and if needed again then Ferris Wheel//
I betchu do whatever Ferris Wheel, //
Cuz Ferris Wheel take hold of you; you are under control of Ferris Wheel //

But Ferris Ferris'tassured that Ferris Wheel do no wrong, //
If Ferris did it then Ferris Wheel be accountable, //
But evidence suggest toward Ferris innocence and he out on bail, //
Plus it's impossible holdin' Ferris against his Wheel- //

______ ______ ______

Fire-ass beat by Vashelite

*This draft is incredibly flawed I know. I speak over myself, at times spitting 2 completely different bars simultaneously.
But I listen to this... and feel like some of those flaws actually make the song better somehow.

And tbh, I eventually wrote so many bars for this song... that I ended up having to break them up into 4 separate Ferris Wheel Themes, and the real plan for this now (although I may or may not follow through with it) is to make Ferris Wheel a four-song Hip-Hopera basically. Yeah...

Either way I love this prototype fuckery too much to let it go unheard. There's hidden gold throughout this track.




i agree with mickey, though id have to say that the constant repeating of "ferris wheels" get a bit annoying and loses appeal quickly.

tracks like these are fun and creative, definitely a piece that shouldnt be neglected, however i dont think I would listen to this track over and over again, but that doesnt mean it is nullspace.

the beat also appeals to the style you project (like your most recent LP, Random Acts Of Flyness), a cinematic vortex that bungee jumps from a funky foundation related to a hypnotized heart, letting the gravity of underworld interact with fleeting feelings.

there is always that spark of genius in every track that some may consider to be stupid, and so theyll just snuff it out.

but to me, i dig that shit. personally, i dont think im at the point in life where songs of this repetitive nature would be ipod worthy, but its always welcoming to give these tracks a few bumps, because ill always discover a new gem, and even if the word sequences appear to be identical, my own life experiences interact with your expressions, essentially opening access to dope river rushes.

to me, that spark is something i fan into a campfire, if youve ever seen survivorman episodes or even bear grylls trying to show visual instructions on how to start a campfire.

real dope fam, ive already bumped your newest LP a few times, and it was the initial inspiration that led me to craft my latest rap tapes earlier than i had expected. before I was planning to release each tape (3 in total) over the span of 3 months. but now i plan to release all 3 tapes this month, FEB 2017. already got 2 rap tapes out, and will be dropping a beat tape very soon. if i hadnt heard your newest LP, and actually enjoyed and felt the stroke of genius that you expressed, i would prolly be as demotivated as i was a month ago. but that was then and this is now.

anyway, this was a cool song, you flipped the word "ferris wheel" is so many distinct ways. one of my favorite flips you put out there was "be a man and prepare to become a ferris wheel", also "fairy loving ferris wheels", mirror mirror on the ferris wheel, tell me who is the fairest..

but my absolute favorite line you spoke of was the very first line that started it all,

"you do not reinvent the ferris wheel, somebody did it once, and if needed again infair its wheel"

(or something like that, the last end was a bit difficult to understand)

haha that parasailing line was amusing, and the rhyme scheme was pleasing to me, especially cause i dig the abstract and life funk so much.

something you couldve paid more attention is the volume of your voice, at some points it was difficult to decipher what you just said, even when you werent semi mumbling, the high frequencies of the beat drowns out your voice at some points.

i dig the overlapping of different bars placed over the same time slots, it had a cool effect and to me represented something like the nature of an individual's experience and point of view, while sitting within a box, on a ferris wheel.

congrats on the new LP, ill leave a review later, but first I got a few other pieces to review as these have been overslept on long enough.

word up.

Q ~~

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Teqneek responds:

Shit! I was thinking about posting lyrics for this but I thought the non-fucked-up lines were all pretty clear. Only problem with posting the lyrics is I can't copy/paste them here because I already split them all up to include in the 4 separate tracks I mentioned in the description... That- coupled with bars rspped over each other, and me being too lazy to write this whole thing out again... idk lol...

Also I gotta disagree on the replayability/ipod-worthiness factor. There are a shitload of things said in this that require a relisten to fully ingest. At least I think so. And I also gotta say if I may- that even given the repetitive nature of this song... I don't think it gets to the point of becoming annoying- NOT YET. I still have more work to do to get it to that level so wish me luck on that.

Lol for real though I feel that the cleverness of the lyrics (if I may be so bold) and the fact that I basically use Ferris Wheel in a different context every time- saves it from being annoyingly repetitive and gives it replayability as well. But I'll agree it's teetering that line haha, so I can see how you'd feel that way. All good bruh.

Anyway I know you prefer my more serious tracks; no worries. And yeah man I agree our paths are kind of similar, or at least in a way where the music resonates on that personal level with you, and that's really cool to me. You can see the inner, darker layers of my life leaking onto a comedy track where most wouldn't. Not that I intend for my funnier stuff to show those things... which makes it even more impressive that you can pick up on it.

Anyway you said you liked the 1st line the best... but you may like it even better when you know what it is I actually said. Lol hold on I'll paste some of the lyrics here. I'll update this reply in a bit as well to give a proper response to your well-thought-out review homie.

You do not reinvent the Ferris Wheel //
Somebody did it once- and if needed again then Ferris WHEEL //

Vash didn't sample this one lol, and my take is it sounds cluttered together... But Mickey gave me a BJ for a good review so.... OMG SO DOPE!

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Teqneek responds:

Some people don't see the vision. And that's okay.

I agree with your review btw; but I already knew the flaws which is what I was talking about in the description.

Diggin this mix. The overlayed vocals make the repetitiveness of fairly familiar phonetic flabs fabricated for Ferrish Wheels and ferris wheels accessories seem more intentionally satirical. The shifting tones in the track are intriguing; this is good, but it can also make it difficult to interpret which bars are meant to be deep and which are the whimsical lyrical wizard styles. Beat reminds me so much of Crono Trigger; not sure if Vash samples, but either way, dope. Very creative song here.

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Teqneek responds:

Thanks Mickey. Yeah- rough draft. And I'll record and upload the finished version eventually. I just wanted to drop this first because I like it and I'm impatient.

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