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Track 7 from the EP 'Sawtooth' by Postchord

Created using the magical8bitplugin for Logic, great tool.


definitely mess with automating the width/duty cycle of pulse instruments, it adds so much flavour to the sounds. the sound design in this is really boring even (or especially?) by chiptune standards, and pulsewidth/duty cycle modulation matches what the hardware is capable of anyway. but as long as you're using a DAW maybe ease up the bass frequencies on that *TRIANGLE* bass (god dammit skye!) and carve some dynamics into the piece to make that last "chorus" really punch through and stand out as the epic conclusion that it wants to be.

keep it up

Postchord responds:

Cheers. The plugin I used is pretty basic, no width/cycle options, just 4 instruments to choose from. Still, it let me have a shot at this without getting in too far over my head. Recently been using LSDJ which is great, so I'll play around with some different flavours in there. Thanks again dude.

Hi! You deserve a review now, so here you are!

The Good:
-Very nice 8-bit. Probably from using an actual 8-bit plugin, but it certainly works!
-Very nice intro and pause, this is well done.
-There's a solid organization of your ideas in an ABA format. It's simple, but effective and better than a linear wall of ideas.
-Very nice arpeggios throughout, along with the fading chords.
-The background pad sound is pretty good. Very solid backdrop which would work well to go together.

The Not-So-Good:
-The low saw bass sounds really grating and not at all good.
-After the intro sequence, the background bass and drums are almost exactly the same the entire way through. This typically isn't a good thing - some variance is good, even in two minutes.
-I don't think the sound effects starting at 0:59 were particularly good. There are far more fantastic 8-bit sound effects, and these just don't really work.
-There isn't a very solid ending - it seems to just remove elements until it stops.

Overall: 5/10. Pretty good for a first track, but definitely could use more variance in the overall piece and especially the sound palatte. There just aren't enough differing sounds to make it feel different throughout - that combined with the repeating background don't quite do it.

THAT SAID: This is a seriously solid shot at this style of music if you're trying to get into game music. It seems like this could use a more solid idea of what it's for, as well as a bit more difference in the sections. I think you can definitely do it with a bit more work!

Postchord responds:

Cheers man, some solid feedback there. I'll smash out some new attempts soon :)

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Feb 3, 2017
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