Koopa Airship

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Ok, with this, my stock of new material is over... So, I hope you enjoy this one until I come with more mixes.

You already know this theme (who wouldn't??)
The classic Koopa Airship theme from Super Mario Bros. 3 was my choice this time, as I was trying my new timpani patches and I think it fits great with this piece... I also included a little mix of the Fortress theme at the middle of the song, so I hope to bring you back some sweet memories.

Thank you all!

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Ah, a classic! I wonder how many remixes I've heard of that one... Heheh. Let's see how YOU stand out of the crowd, m'dear! On with the show.

-Already your version stands out. A bit slower than most remixes I've heard, and these buzzing electronic noises, UGH, they really do add well to whatever ambiant you're going for.

-30 seconds in, the build up is happening, slowly, steadily, but that's to be expected, considering that this particular one would be nothing without its menacing build up.

-One minute in, the first explosion into the main tune happened, and I can tell I'll be loving this. As usual, you're mixing your orchestral style with your electro one, and it creates a very... futuristic vibe to Bowser's airship. Man, he'd sure like the upgrades, that's for sure.

-2:04 Ah, as expected, you didn't go full repetitive with this second burst. Heheh.

-2:20 NICE CAMEO! Man, you need to do more Bowser tracks and mixes in general, you nail them every time.

-3:06 That is an enjoyable addition: a violin, right? I don't see that often in other remixes, it really helps create a... different sort of drama. Less menacing, more... I dunno, calm. But like, the "calm before the storm" type of calm. It's an interesting choice to my ears.

-4:10 Aaaand as usual, a customized ending to a classic track comes floating into my ears for them to enjoy <3 Aaaah, thank you. I'll add that one to my collection, alright.

-For the rest, Yeelp essentially said it all. My usual weakness of lacking technical terms and analysis comes out, so, refer to his comment if you need a more constructive critic - but then, you saw his comment already.

That being said, on to the next review! Thanks for a great time, m'dear.

There's a ton of SMB3 airship theme remixes out there. So, when I decided I wanted to review this song, I wanted to answer a simple question: Does your remix bring anything new to the table that helps it stand out from the plethora of other remixes while at the same time, improving upon the original - in a way that stays faithful to the original - to make it a better experience overall? Well, let's see, starting with the instrument choice.

It starts off with the timpani - as one would expect. The timpani patches definitely sound nice and are pleasing to the ear. Good job! There's also a layer of ambiance in the background which serves to spice up the original introduction. It's a nice addition that builds upon the original, without throwing a bunch of new stuff at the listener right at the beginning. I like it, although maybe it could be the slightest bit louder (just a touch) to bring it out just a LITTLE bit more. That being said, it doesn't make the remix any less enjoyable - so it's more of a nitpick than anything.
As for the other instruments, they remain faithful to the original while bringing your style and sound quality that I know well to the mix to add your own personal touch to it.

The composition stays true to what made the original mix so iconic. It spices stuff up with a few changes to what the original mix offered, but it doesn't go overboard. In addition, it also includes the fortress theme from SMB3 which is a great attempt to help the mix stand out. the piece almost seamlessly transitions into the fortress theme which underlines their similarities quite nicely. I think the fortress addition was done quite well and sounds just as good - if not better, than the rest of the mix.

The whole piece has a very cinematic feel to it; it was executed very well. No complaints here with the theme.

Overall, how is the piece? It's pretty good - much better than most SMB3 airship remixes. It's not the best SMB3 airship remix, but it's pretty darn close. Since there's so many remixes of the SMB3 airship theme, it has a LOT of competition. Your unique sound and style, along with the addition of the fortress theme is what gives this piece its competitive edge. The song plays it safe and stays pretty close to the original for the most part. If a little more was done to help differentiate it from the countless other remixes it has to compete with, I wouldn't hesitate to give this a 5/5. If the song was a standalone, original creation, I still wouldn't hesitate to give it a 5/5. But compared to other remixes of the same theme, it only has so much going for it.

All that being said, I still love your unique sound and style, and I still love this piece. I can tell a lot of effort was put in here and it shows. It's pretty awesome.


MiguelVolkov responds:

Wow! Yeelp, thank you very very very much, I really mean it. This is the kind of reviews that I enjoy reading.
As you said, this track has a cinematic feeling, and that was exactly what I tried to do... Suddenly, the SMB3 Airship Theme dropped by in my head for weeks and I imagined it with a full orchestra sound, I wanted to keep it close to the original but with a darker atmosphere.
Also, what you said about the Fortress theme is correct. I was thinking about not leaving the Airship theme alone and put on some other Bowser theme from SMB3 that combines perfectly with, and that's why I chose the Fortress theme, I think they were the perfect complement.

Sometimes when I think about taking a Nintendo's music piece to remix, I do not always think about transforming it a lot, and that was what just happened to me with this one. I sometimes imagine the "upgraded" versions, because most of the times I do these mixes for myself to enjoy them, it is like some kind of: This is my interpretation of what it could be.

Anyway, I'm really glad you took the time to write this awesome review, you gave me some stuff to think about, and now, taking all your advices, I will probably look for some new and fresh remix... Thank you so much for that. It really makes me happy how you describe my style as a unique sound... I'll be still working to improve it. Thanks for that too.

Miguel Volkov

Great song.

Volk. I was banned from the audio portal. I'll give you more details later.

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