I Rob People (feat. Sky)

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Get robbed y'all!
_____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____

Beat By Ax and Fats drew the HDC picture.

----- ----- Lyrics ----- -----
I rob people to pay people I robbed Peter //
To pay Paul then I robbed Paulie to pay Peter //
I'mma rob people on PayPal //
Go to 8 Mile, rob Shady an them Insane Clowns //

I stay robbin- I'm Great? Nope- I'm the dopest //
You stay robbed like a stagecoach in the Old West//
I gets high on my own supply, then rob yo's //
Go to Hollywood California to rob Lowe's //

I'm sad depressin' I'm robbin' comedy of the laughin' //
I'm mad aggressive I'm robbin' Robin in front of Batman //
I'm robbin' you til no robbables left in yo possession //
Then prolly robbin' yo ass again- I'm a tad excessive //

What's in yo pockets I'm robbin' you homie run 'em//
I'm robbin' you in the dead of the night then again at sunup //
I done up and chose making my own economy robbery //
And robbin you cuz if I ain't robbin you then you robbin' me //

It's a stick-up, like a mohawk //
Put your hands up, and do the slow walk //
Ay yo, fuckin Teqneek //
Let's get em when they down, yeah- hit em when they weak //

I'm robbin' a Burger King in a Ronald McDonald costume //
I'm robbin' a Chick-fil-A on a Sunday morning I'm awesome //
Demanding a ransom from Carl Sr. to see his son again //
It's Sky-Teq and we robbin' you like the government //

Jet fuel can't melt steel beams //
But I can steal cash from a crack ho fiend //
I'll rob your mother, your father- your son and your daughter //
I'll rob you of your fresh food and all of ya water //

When it's cold out, I rock a jacket //
You got your dough out? I will jack it //
A rap criminal, you can't stand it //
But, they haven't banned it- being a bandit //

So until they do //
Gonna rob you off your Rolex and your Reebok shoe //
Man I thought you fuckers knew- Get a real job? Hell no //
Old ladies ripped off like velcro //

She got a real nice purse on the front side //
See me going for the snatch like a muff dive //
Real life though? I am the victim //
They robbed me of everything and that's why I'm spittin' //

Ay yo we Rob 'N Big, Robin Wright and we rob Shriners //
We go and we rob diners n Rob Schneider n Rob Reiner //
Robbin' Johnny cash and then rob zombies- for real son //
Grave robbin 'n guess whose?- robbin' William's //

We rob Sonic and rob Thomas and rob Roy //
We rob wallets we rob girls and we rob boys //
We rob the fingers off yo goddamn hands //
We robbin Peter of his goddamn pans //
Ay yo I'm- back in the present from my trip back to the past //
I just robbed Back to the Future from Rob Zemeckis' ass //
We hittin' millions of civilians we grippin' up all tha currency //
Currently in yo purses and gimme all of yo jewelry //

Eddie money is mine along with all of Eddie Vedder cheddar //
Master Splinter? Jackin' his stash and I'm scrappin' Master Shredder //
Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael//
I leave 'em pizzaless sewer freaks and without a shell //

...Diseased people of they miracle cures //
Vision and ingenuity from all the entrepreneurs //
I'm robbin' Ron, Jeremy, Tom, Jerry, and Jerry's kids//
I can't believe how effortless it is leaving you penniless //

Saying the phrase wrong and then robbin' the Necronomicon //
End o' the rainbow and I'm robbin' a leprechaun 'n son //
Gimme all of the treasure, the booty and the doubloons //
And yo precious metals and pension and social security, fool//

Right Here- I'm robbin pills, bury dough boy- right here//
...I'm robbin Vincent Van Goh's lobe- right ear //
A starry night I'm robbin' Claude of his Monet //
Jellystone park, Yogi gimme yo honey //

I'm robbin' Franklin of his Benjamins //
I'm robbin' Hank Hill of his friends and fence //
I'm robbin' all y'all with my hands, man //
I'm robbin' Jean Claude of his van... DAAAAMN //

Robbing is fun; I like to do it//
Robbery is fun; yeah I like to do it//


this was a cool thing that you did.

it seems that the theme of repetition is something that is on your mind.

personally what stood out to me most was the fluidity and the transitions between both heads. it felt like a wonderful blend of styles, that complimented each-other well. hey, the instrumental provided was also something i felt was a nice choice, that boosted the mood of your goofy nature and sky's raw essence. listening to the beat by itself, i could imagine both of you guys as fitting elements, working well together on this piece.

what a vast amount of puns you put out there, it was impressive and this track requires multiple listens to catch satisfaction from it. in particular, i liked that one part where you said:

"its a stick up, like a mohawk" xD

a few things you could revise are the vocal mixes of your voice and more breathing breaks. the flow is rapid though i feel like you could use the panning of voices to your advantage, looking over the filtering of your vocals would allow your words to mesh in better to the beat too.

sky did a great job with his voice projection, but it was easier for him since his flow had the benefit of more pauses and a slower rhythm, while his rhymes were emphasized, as mediocre as they were. im sure he wouldve done a better job with that if he inserted more dedication into it.

teq, your rhymes and the structure of your bars were on point. not a bad choice to present the nature of repetition in this track. i feel like you did wonderful work waltzing around with that poetic device.

much of your foundation may be science fiction, but even deeper than the surface that you hopscotch over, are precious gems, patiently waiting to be discovered.

overall, this was a cool track, and its awesome to hear you talking that shit again. til the next one.

Q ~~

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Teqneek responds:

Yeah man, the repetitition theme lately. I did a song recently called Untitled, and in it I dive a little bit into where it comes from.

But I would like to also add this little tidbit- I write A LOT OF RHYMES, lol. So many- that I find old rhymes where I use the same theme as other rhymes I wrote. When I see it I kinda organize it. Over time it becomes large enough that I can piece together entire verses. While doing that, more similarly-themed rhymes pour into my head and before you know it- I just wrote a 10 thousand word song based on one simple rhyme scheme. And I did, too. Lol.

Brain Storm will consist of all my repetition.

Ferris Wheel 1-4
Need Less to Say 1-10
I Rob People
I'm Better
206 Sons

Lol I am extremely well aware of the repitition thing though. And there's not much I csn do about it really. I think I'll just keep making Brain Storm-type albums every once in a while I guess. Lol

But I'm glad you like the song! If there's one thing I can promise you- I'll never slack on creativity, and if it's lame (to me) then I won't release it. I care about y'alls ears too much

Hooks were fantastic and varied. Teq, your rhymes were the strongest but delivery and mixing of your lines was weakest (more so volume wise). Beat was overpowering you the most and without lyrics it'd be a bit hard to understand you. I would suggest just a little more compression on your vocals, a couple dB up in the 8-10k range on your lines to make you a bit more crisp -- will say the noise cancellation was so much better, and your recordings are getting there. Always some fine lyricism coming out of you, and I'm never not impressed.

Beat is fire, just needs to come down a little bit. Velocity on the piano could be edited here and there to make it sound more varied and not just SLAM. SLAM. SLAM-SLAM SLAM. You get my point. Rhodes were a nice touch. It does however sound slightly overcompressed.

Sky, your vocal mixing was strong, but rhymes were slightly weaker and at times nonsensical -- after all, they HAVE banned being a bandit, unless you mean Crash Bandicoot. Wait I wasn't supposed to to be talking smack on your track. Aw shoot.

Couldn't resist.

Anyway, with just a bit more precise mixing, this could be some banging olskool shit you'd hear on the radio if you were cool. Right now, it's almost there. 10/10 would listen again tho.

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Teqneek responds:

Okay I made one final edit. Cut volume down on the dubs, raised the mains, and made a few minor adjustments here and there. I think it sounds much better now. I got it sounding about as good as I think I can possibly get it to sound at least.

Next solo track I make, I'd love to see what you can do for the vox.

I'm gonna nail it.
...Except the song itself will suck

Almost every rhyme was supreme. The exceptions were merely great. The beat is fun too.

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Teqneek responds:

Awww youuuu... Thanks Shak

I love all the references in this, holy moly Batman there's tonnes of em! I liked the way Teq ends his 1st verse and starts the 3rd with that "rob" emphasis word play. The transition verses between Teq and Sky was executed very nicely. Sky's more grimy verse was juxtaposed well with Teq's hyperbolic whacky bars.However, I don't think this was Sky's best outing on the lyric side of things; there were a few dope bars, but a lot of it sounded a bit generic. Teqneek's flow was a bit rushed at points and the delivery fell off on some bars with a higher count of syllables. That, mixed with quiet vocals, made a lot of the bars inaudible; which means all those dope references would be lost if the lyrics were not posted. Really liked this beat; Axtekk really kills it with those funky computer horn things!

Dope track all together though. Has a sick old school feel to it.

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Teqneek responds:

Thanks Mickey. I think I'll go ahead and make some adjustments tomorrow and re-up this track (or, replace the audio file I mean.) heeding you and Fats' advise. -Brrrrrrr-

Vox could be a bit louder. Fun as shit though

Teqneek responds:

Are they really though? I thought they were too LOUD, so I cut them down juuust a notch and now they're too low?

Just re-listened. I see no issue but thanks for liking the song...

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