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Author Comments

Mixed and mastered by Connor Detviler: https://soundcloud.com/connordetviler

I've officially worked on this song for 4.5 years.

As this song goes forward my arrangement changes due to how my style has changed over this time. Not necessarily better, just different.

FL studio with Massive and Serum were used as well as VahallaRoom for reverb, TDR plugins for EQ and Waves plugins for stereo shaping.


The song is really good and I enjoyed it. The only thing that bothered me was the low sound on the first drop. I had to raise my volume just to hear it but aside from that the song was amazing.

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DarkBlueFX responds:

Thanks for listening! Yeah I've actually gotten that comment a few times and every time I've compensated for it by lowering the volume of the other sections to give that part some headroom. Clearly that wasn't a viable solution. Now that I kind of get how audio works a bit now I think what's happening is that I have a sub frequency that is too low (for any realistic sound system to even play) but also a high enough amplitude to take away headroom from the other elements. So it will show up in waveform as louder than other sections but will not sound louder on most sound systems. Thank you for your input that was especially helpful!

I seriously would have never thought I would hear such a good song like this in a very long time. It's amazing!

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DarkBlueFX responds:

Thanks for listening, I appreciate it!

4.5 years holy shit...this is fucking amazing, dude <3 ~Skiddle

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DarkBlueFX responds:

Thanks! Making this did make me realize that the amount of time spent on a song doesn't necessarily translate to the quality of a song. An artist should know when to stop an move on to the next project.

I appreciate the listen!

I actually fucking like it holy it has such a metal vibe to it and i wish i could learn how you did the pluck sounds. that randomly pop up sound like that :O! good job and i feel like you are underated :O keep it up man!

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DarkBlueFX responds:

I still remember doing that 'contest song' for you, haha yeah I've definitely been stuck in the same metal style similar to that song.

Are you talking about at like 2:58? Feel free to clarify. That kind of pluck sound can be achieved by just automating a the cutoff of a low pass filter in a descending arp on just about any synth. That one in particular was the Massive preset 'Aggressor' with minor changes and automation on resonance and cutoff. I don't think I changed the mapping too much in the plugin either.

Absolutely amazing! If there was anything I could do to go back in time and verify your account for the audio portal sooner, I would! This song is outstanding, it definitely sounds like four and a half years of work was put in to this song. However saying that, there are a few slight aspects that could have been done better. I know you didn't do the mixing on this song, but the percussion in this song is quite a bit shallow. The percussion is supposed to drive the mix, and in this case I don't feel like it is. Great job on the darker piano parts, you couldn't have done it better. Way to go on the vocals too, clearing them up from their original audio chunk. One other issue I had was that the second drop didn't seem to fit in the same style with the rest of the song. Don't get me wrong, it was excellent to listen to, but I think that it was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Overall, great song, when I saw this on my feed I began to become super excited, I've been waiting for this release and I was not disappointed. Great job!

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DarkBlueFX responds:

It's been a while since I've heard from you! I appreciate the input you've given me on this and I think you're right about the percussion, that is definitely a staple of this kind of music and going away from that was probably a bad idea.

As for the different styles, I just kinda wanted it that way. Perhaps out of laziness as I made a part of that section and just decided to go with it. I've gotten similar responses about that part as well as the comment about the percussion (aside from TrickshotCat) so it's definitely consistent criticism.

Thanks! Having a strong hammer noise and a reverb which included a vibrato just on the late reflections really sells the dark piano (at least to me). ValhallaRoom does this well but maybe there's a way to do it in native FL plugins too.

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4.82 / 5.00

Jan 26, 2017
5:11 PM EST
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10.6 MB
4 min 37 sec

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