Jacques Melissa - Caffeine Mastah

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Thank you everyone for your tremendous support! I didn't expect this to be *this* popular. damn. cool. nice. slurps. thanks.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMCkU8dehwU
Souncloud: https://soundcloud.com/honeyb3e/jacques-melissa-caffeine-mastah

A remix of HI-LO's Renegade Mastah

The story of the track, if you're interested to read:

Caffeine. A substance I discovered just lately, and when I took my first sip of it, I was amazed by how blind I could have been for my whole life. How I could've missed such a fine drink for so long? Shame, such a shame. But luckily, thank God, I've found coffee now and it has become part of my life. Heck, one could say it IS my whole life...

Okay, now I am speaking nonsense again. lol. Seems like I am worshipping coffee or something lol.

So Renegade Mastah is made from work site sounds. When I was listening to it for the first time I wanted to do something similar (but not too similar!). So I decided to open that sweet, sweet, fruit-filled FL Studio, start crafting some mellow, delicious beats, and add---what else than---cafeteria sounds. The drop is made from coffee cups, hence the name. First three hits are made from coffee cups hitting each other, the third hit pitching down. Then the proceeding sound is some appalled, random woman in the background inhaling very loudly, and the last sound (the one that sounds like it's "rolling" or something) is created from the sound when coffee cups fall to a tray. We all love those sounds when in a cafe. Makes it always feel so cozy and warm.

I haven't had much inspiration to do songs as it has seemed like I've lost my skill. Don't know, I guess I've just had lack of motivation. Usually I get my inspiration from hitting a right note, getting a decent sound, or just randomly making something small that sounds harmonic. I guess I haven't just been hitting the right notes lately. I guess I haven't been getting anything harmonic.

Anyhow, I got out of that loop, got my sound right with this one. I got back my motivation back to do build 'n craft more songs and I feel more inspired than ever. Don't know, maybe it's the power of coffee.


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tasty as fricc

fast beats good bass, nice song

djhoneyb responds:

T H A N K.

Very cool song!

This song is so cool! I'm seriously thinking on make a choreography on this song :3

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djhoneyb responds:

oh my god that would be sooooo cool
hmu if you ever happen to do it :D

What is he saying????
3-4 gamma to whatever comes next?
Anyway, whatever, still really cool remix.

djhoneyb responds:

Back once again with the renegade master
D4 damager, power to the people
Back once again with the renegade master
D4 damager, with the ill behavior

Apparently D4 is an area in Dublin. No idea why the vocalist wants to be a renegade and damage a city.

All of your songs are amazing :D What I don't understand: why do you put different names in front of songs? Like, this one is Jacques Melissa. Why do you do that? Also, since I don't like coffee... *slurps a different caffeine-based drink* ~Skiddle

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djhoneyb responds:

The reason is because I like to categorize my songs. Styles of dan harrison b. (long ver. of dhb), Mecqueline and Jacques Melissa are totally different. Also, why should I be stuck with one name when I can HAVE EM' ALL HEHEHEHE

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