Dark Storms at Sea 1.2

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Just thought I'd share the latest version. =) It's 96 kbits - PM me for higher quality. =)

EDIT 6-21-08: More than a year later, I know. XD I still can't believe I used "=)" smileys back then. XD I'm making this edit because this is a completely worthless song, and I've had a few people as me for the high-quality version anyway. Seriously, there's almost no difference. ;)



Hi Karco

I'm here with the review :)

I gotta say I'm impressed, I've spoken to B34T1N and he tells me he's taught you a few tricks ;)

I like the fast pace of this, a nice assortment of instruments.

easily a 5/5 and a download too

not much else to say really, great work!

Peace Out!


Karco responds:

Hey, Stealth, glad to see progress is being made. =) Yeah, thanks to B34T1N I actually know how to use FL. He taught me everything I didn't figure out on my own - I have a lot to thank him for. =D

Unfortunately, I posted on your thread a while ago and said that Nova was my new "signature song," as I don't feel this is an appropriate representation of my current skill level, but I'm not going to make you review another unless you really want to.

Thanks for reviewing, and glad you like it - I'm looking forward to seeing where you're going with this. If you're reviewing in order of who signed up when, then you only have two to go! =D

It was dark, and I liked that element, but..

I just felt that it was missing a main climax portion to finish it off, although the violin thing was pretty nice, reminded me of that old game Quest 64. I liked the beginning, very atmospheric, I think that's the word I'm looking for anyway. Maybe I'm just hyper and more in the mood for something with like an energetic beat.

Karco responds:

Yeah... it definitely doesn't do my current skill level justice. The climax was actually the stretch in the end with the melody (from the intro) echoing at two different octaves. Did it really feel that... not climactic? XD Yeah, I feel I did a good job on the beginning, too - it was originally going to be atmosphere for a Metroid remix but it turned into its own song. =P Thanks for reviewing! =)


It sounds like movie sequence music from FF7!! like when sephiroth would kill the president shinra!! THIS IS AWESOME DUDE!! keep it up

Karco responds:

Hah. Never played that game. I guess I should. XD

Thanks for reviewing, and glad you like it so much! =D

OMG, hella nice!

I'm not the greatest review, but this was hella nice. Damn I loved the atmospheric dark sound with the heartbeats at the beginning, and that weird sound! The synth goes quite nicely with the picking up pace of the song. The break was unexpected (was a good thing) and the pace goes faster and faster and faster, I love it! The weird pulsing phaser came at a good time but I felt like it didn't belong. Aha I loved the ending though! Nice work man!

Karco responds:

Hey, thanks a lot for reviewing. Glad that you like it - I might make a sequel sometime soon, so stick around. ;) If you liked this one, you might like my song And So This Story goes... but there's no need to review it if you don't want to. :)

Music for a game?

At the start I enjoyed the buildup. I'm picturing myself in a video game going through the dark corridors like DOOM and something can pop out any second. The next part of the song you speed things up but you keep that dark feel. Good job on that. I think your song suites a title like dark dungeons...cheesy yeah but I don't picture a storm. Anyway, I liked your song so keep making more. You will get a 4/5 by me.

Karco responds:

Yeah, I guess I can imagine this in a game. It could suit a dark dungeon, though towards the end of the song (when I reintroduce the low violin thingy and a bunch of other harmonies) I was trying to give the image of an unpredictable, tossing, dark and stormy sea. Oh well, everyone gets a different image, right? =) Thanks for reviewing! =D

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Jan 21, 2007
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