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Watching Waterfalls

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Author Comments

There's a story to tell about this. The melody was written years ago. I think I might have been playing this riff back in college almost a decade ago now. I've tried writing songs with it but nothing ever gets finished. It's just been an endless motif sitting in the back of my mind for a really long time. The rsn file says it was "created September 16th 2014" but that's just the date I opened the program and diddled this melody into the stack. The actual melody was being played on piano years before that. During those years I've opened this file, looked at it, piddled a few extra notes on it and walked away. It's not like I worked the entire time. I'm just really lazy now.

The name comes from a number of years ago. When I was in my Oakland apartment. Around 2 AM one day I decided it was time to go to sleep but right as I was getting ready I heard a knock at my door. By this point in my Cali trip I was answering doors while holding a knife behind my back. There was no spyglass to view through the door and I had previously had a few run ins with bad people. When I opened the door it was a girl mumbling something about needing a friend.

I invited her to sit on my bed and put the knife away discretely. She promptly tried having sex with me. I denied her the privilege as politely as possible. After talking to her for a while I learned that she was apparently on angel dust and staying with the guy that lived below me. It sounded like she walked up a floor, got lost, thought my door was his, and tried having sex with me. I was kind of enjoying her drugged out advances and my non-attraction to her made it absolutely entertaining to me. I made her sit on the bed and played her this melody on my Korg-m1.

She said the melody was like a waterfall. After that the melody was always "waterfalls" or something to the like.

I feel like I wrote some of my best music under the stress of Oakland. Not that I'd want to be back in that apartment. I really wouldn't. Life is so much better now.

:: EDIT :: I completely forgot to mention how she left that night. At a certain point she needed to use my bathroom. I kept a spray can of white primer in the bathroom and I guess she thought it was deodorant. She sprayed her pants in the general private area and at that point I asked her to leave. I have no idea what happened to her and her white spots.

:: EDIT EDIT : : JDawg00100 with a rocking metal cover!!


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Very interesting track and I mean that in a good way. I love the strange beautiful ambient you got going here. This is some good material to chew. I really like the strings/pads and piano. the backwards vocals are a bit dissonant. I think my biggest complaint is the electro snare is mixed way too forward (loud) in the mix. it's very distracting and takes me away from all the great atmosphere you got going here. Looking forward to hearing more of your works!

This is so relaxing - definitely captures a peaceful, winter-y kinda feel, you named it perfectly. I love the story behind it too, glad to hear things got better after that it sounds like you were really living in a rough spot. Hopefully that girl kept her white-sprayed pants as a sentimental memento of your encounter.

Quarl responds:

She probably threw them away as soon as the angel dust wore off :)

Enjoyed the story and the song. I've never lived in any super dangerous neighbourhoods. The most dangerous place I lived just had lots of druggies in the city. In the few years I lived there I barely went outside other than for groceries and work. It always boggles my mind how some people can survive in environments like you mentioned in your story. Like, number one reason I avoid starting fights with people, is because I'm scared that they'll eventually come for revenge with a bunch of their friends. I don't know how far they'll go, who's going to pull a knife or a gun on me etc. So I just avoid conflict entirely. Having to deal with that stuff every day would be a nightmare.

Quarl responds:

Yeah, kids grew up in that shit. There was a statistic in Oakland that one out of three kids would drop out of school before acquiring a GED. My friend Markus was dating a girl whose 1st grade daughter was dropping out, already two years behind. That means a certain future in prostitution. The system doesn't fail those people by accident. The system in poor black communities is designed as a slippery slope into private for-profit prisons. Those kids are graduating from juvenile, into adult prison. Reform is not the aim. Profit is.

Wow, that is some beautiful stuff. I love it

Quarl responds:

Thanks J Dawg :D

Oh wow, this sounds lovely :O
The fact that you've been meditating on this for so long, probably explains why you managed to turn it into something so great. I still can''t quite comprehend how you managed to blend so many awesome and experimental sounds (was that a shotgun being loaded?) into this, so seamlessly! Everything you added complements the track perfectly.

That's an interesting story you've got there, as well!

P.S. I thought this track was on loop, since I heard it playing anew, but turns out I had just subconsciously pressed play again, without realizing! So if that's not indicative of how much I enjoy this track, I don't know what is <3

Quarl responds:

The shotgun was a place holder. I was going to toss a camera shutter sample there eventually but I'm like... super lazy. Didn't even bother looking for the sample.

lol, it's a fun melody to play. I loop the riff much in the same way when I force myself on my keyboard because it feels really natural. Since you also use youtube and play piano, I'd be willing to post a private video when I get home tonight. The hand motions are super fluid, makes for a rewarding rudiment :)

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Jan 15, 2017
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