The Deep End

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Beat by Axtekk; he makes good beats. Okay lyrics Below...

------ ------ ------

I walk fast to make up for the lost moments//
At every fork in the path where I stop and I smell roses//
And I'd pick a few but ain't anyone close to give'em to//
And I'm pissed that mine is the only voice I can listen to//

I don't drink and I don't eat and I don't blink//
And I'm so weak cuz I don't sleep and I don't dream//
But I never bothered to really ever fulfill a dream//
I'm an innovator who never bothered to build a thing//

And I'm so lonely I don't know where the road's going//
In the old hood but I don't see any old homies//
With no hope and with no way to control things//
And I'm mad dirty with no soap in mah soap thing//

But I hope happiness unfolds where I'm going//
And I don't know but I don't know it'll know me//
...And I don't know if you know me//
But I'm so broke that I don't know if I own me//

...And I don't know if I own me//
...And I don't know what I owe you//
...And I don't know if I own me//
...And I don't know what I owe you//

But I hope that someday soon someone'll come and show me//
How to get to where the hell it is I'm supposed to be go_ing//
Hello- I'm the lone wolf with a notebook and an ink pen'//
Who tied bricks to his feet as he dove off of the deep end//

I'm noticing more and more that I'm really fuckin' unfocused//
I'm noticing more and more that I really suck at promotion//
I'm noticing that the world is a cold-ass place'//
Where I'm dyin' to hold on with nobody to hold me//

I'm the bag of meat that you tossed that impacted Earth like a meteor//
But a little early by 70 million years or so//
The street performer you never seen on the streets before//
Because yo ass ain't been out in the fuckin' streets before//

I'm a multitasker who never completes a challenge//
I'm paradoxically crazy yet anchored in rationality//
I'm a pessimist and I really dont wanna be one//
But I been through hell for the past 73 months//

And the pressure it never eases I never feel the relief//
In an infinite chain of awful with adamantium links//
A catastrophe every day keeps the happiness all at bay//
I'm noticing an increase in my lack of energy nowadays//

And I'm overworked I'm misunderstood and I'm underpaid//
And I'm overlooked underestimated and I'm afraid//
I'm overstressed if you overzealous and overjoyed //
You can go to hell cuz I'm overwhelmed and I'm unemployed//

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Oh shit man. I was already kind depressed and now I gotta relisten and digest this tune. This is inhumane. Why didn't I link you any happy/ braggadocious beats? Fuck's sake. Still love it, just stop putting me in touch with the thousand shocks flesh is heir to.

So shit to improve - vocal mixing, the low mids on this dominate way too much imho. also I think the hooks could be more hook-y with more repetition of the first hook etc. But first + would have to be that I fooking love the way you played with the flow to make some rap-alongable island in the sea of flowzzz. Also maybe last hook could be recorded tighter with itself? Although I like the loose spoken style rhythms, so that's a tricky one to balance I suppose

Things I love
- Switched up flows, keeping it fresh and locomotive
- Dope mixing of common cliched imagery to create realistic relatable settings.
- Mixing of the super real with the jokey to let you look at real depressing shit with perspective
- Pressing super real details with the jokes to keep shit 300
- The way you melodically & rhythmically play with both hooks to keep them sounding related.

Obvs this is all on top of dope word play, flows, tone etc. All goes w/out saying.

Teqneek responds:

Haha thanks for the review Ax, glad I could somewhat do your beat justice. Although, for me (and I know it may not be the majority, but others feel me on this too), sad music has a reverse effect. It somehow makes me happier. When I'm at my lowest I usually go for September Sun (by Type O Negative), or The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot (by Brand New).

Anyway, I hope certain people can listen to this song and feel "better" knowing there are others going through something similar to what they are. Thanks again homie, yer my guy

It may be just the simple fact that there is a problem with my right earhole canal eardrum and a cutip issue at the moment, but your vocals sound more subdued than your other tracks.....

It's almost as if you aimed to be a notch quiter.

Still the same delivery I expect from Teq, just not as loud.

To AxTekk: That snare drum sounds familiar... Dope beat bed made haphazardly then tucked in by mother instrumental. Ace sounds.

All around, terrific job to all those involved. I look forward to the LP tho!

Teqneek responds:

The mood sets the tone, and like the short description says, this is pretty far from a club banger. So it's not that I set out to be quieter in tone, but it's just what the song dictates really. Glad you liked it man, album drops as soon as Rampant emails a file to me lol *stares at watch nervously tapping foot like sonic the hedgehog when you don't touch any controller buttons for like 20 seconds...

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