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Same story, different thoughts. An all-piano piece. Worth at least a listen, I promise.



this song is beautiful. it reminds me of a song VNV Nation did in their cd Matter + Form called Colours of Rain (yes... they spelled it Colours... not colors.) and i love some classical every now and then, to tell you the truth. its relaxing most of the time... sometimes sad... but atleast i can enjoy it either way. well... I hope you do get this review... seeing as the last person to comment on it was back in 2007... oh well... better late then never i say. 10/10

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Karco responds:

To me, it's extremely amateurish... I made it after less than a month of making music. :\

Anyway, it's a good thing I noticed this! :P Thanks for reviewing.

You asked for one...

You got a review! I thought this song was, OK. Its like someones sad, but not crying. Like what the guy below me said. I cant say I love the song, because I'm not much of a classical person. But some I like. Good job!

Karco responds:

Hmmmmm. Why'd you review this and The Odyssey? Did I ask for it a really long time ago and it took you a while to get to that? Hah! Either way, reviews for any song are appreciated. Thanks a lot for reviewing, glad you think I did a good job. =)


what an interesting image I get from this piece. I don't get a sad core, or at least not a pure sad core. As if the person who is apologyzing is doing so with tears of frustration, or subconcious anger. As if they have to do it, but do not fully believe in it.

The lower end notes WERE a tad loud, and as mentioned before hand there was some minor clipping, but not that bad in my opinion.

The repetitive melody at the beginning serves to induce a form of trance like state to the listener, and is also appropriate for these kind of songs.

I wonder what the song would have been like if you had added another melody on top of all this on a higher octave. Sad fragile feelings in my opinion are very well portrayed by the high end of the piano.

In any case, good stuff! Keep up the good fight and keep them coming Karco, you have composed this well.

Karco responds:

Huh, that's an interesting way to put it. Similar to the message I was trying to give in the song - I won't say it here for the sake of other reviewers' images - though you can PM me if you want to know the message I was trying to convey.

Yeah, the lower notes were a bit loud. I thought the steady, consistent lower harmony gave that "I have to do this even though I don't want to" feeling.

Anyway, glad that you like it. =) I think I'll try another classical sometime. Any chance you could send me a PM with some good places to get orchestral instruments? All I have right now are the instruments that came with FL 6. =P


The melody is catchy and keeps you listenining. I'm not so sure about the other parts though.

It was more like you mashed the piano with the deep tones, and it's way too loud too. The songs gets a lot of clipping becuase of this too.

The song itself isn't much since it is only a piano that's going. Keep trying though. Could have been a lot better.

Karco responds:

Huh, it sounded that bad? It sounded okay to me. =\ Yeah, I do agree I might have made it a bit too loud. That was my first attempt at anything classical/instrumental with FL, though, so I wasn't expecting it to be perfect, either. Glad that you like it to some degree or another. Thanks for the review. =)

very nicely played

Hello Karko

Ok thank you for reviewing our piece.

Ok wasn't sur ewhat to expect with this piece, from the title.

It's a very interesting piece that you've played on the piano, this sounds like you've actually played this live as opposed to using software with this, the velocities on the notes and the chord emphasis seem to convince me of this.

It's a very well played piece, we like it.

Great work, keep with the music making.

Ok we agree that this is worthy of a 5, we shall give you your 5 shortly for this piece.

Could you perhaps give us the 5 you claimed you gave us for our piece

your 5 will arrive shortly afterwards.

Thank You


Karco responds:

Wait... have I given you the impression that I recorded my playing this on the piano! No... I did it with FL. =P Was it really that believable?

Ah, and I've already given you your five. But I'll check, to be sure. Thanks for the review. =)

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