Watching the Trees Go By

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When you're immersed in the landscape around you as you drive, this comes to mind. Kind of. Showing off my wonderful inability to write more than one melody for a song. Thank goodness for instrumentation changes, or this would be much too boring. It incorporates strings, brass, and a bit of piano. The melody is usually in the violins, nothing new. This is in E Minor if that helps. Enjoy (or not, it's your choice)


It's nice! I like what you did with the low pitch instruments.
Which program did you use to make this?

Columbers responds:

Oops, I forgot to add the list of software plugins I use. The strings are all Cinematic Studio Strings, and the piano is from the same company. The brass is Eastwest Hollywood Brass Gold. And DAW programs do 99% of the same thing, so use whatever DAW you like best. Thanks for your review!

I like the bouncy strings and sense of climax into :14. Some percussion would've helped channel the energy a lot more. I think you need a crash or other transitory element at :14. The main riff is pretty repetitive, so :57 was a nice moment of structural relief. I love the emotion at 1:10, and you transition back into the main theme at 1:30 well. Well-structured piece. The instrumentation and harmonies are both great, but I would've liked to see this thing fleshed out a little more in order to maximize the cinematic appeal it has. Right now, it's a little too fast-paced to fully display its potential for drama and emotion IMO. But that's pretty picky. This is a great composition, my friend. Keep up the good work! ;D

Columbers responds:

I actually paid attention to the musical form in this song, and it paid off. I was running out of ways to repeat it, so that's why it's so short. Also, I struggle with writing percussion parts, but I don't try very hard to add percussion so I can't complain much. Maybe next time I can use more than a snare drum. Thanks for your review though!

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Jan 3, 2017
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