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Dec 30, 2016 | 5:26 PM EST
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Rated 2.45 / 5 stars
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Electronic - Dubstep

Author Comments

Hello Newgrounds, you probably don't recognize me because I'm usually not on the scouted section. So, here goes.
This is a work in progress dubstep/riddim-ish track I've been messing around with. So far this is just the intro and the first drop, there will be a second drop as well.

I would really appreciate a review, but bear in mind 2 things:
1. Anything from 0:00-0:41 is not complete. There's still things I want to add, so I'm free for suggestions.

2. I know my mixing is bad, I'm working on it :P

I mostly used Massive, a tiny bit of Sytrus, and some distortion :D




Rated 4 / 5 stars

Absolutely brutal sounds in the beginning, which I like. Lots of pretty wubs. What I'd like to see more of is melody, structure, and harmony. But this shit is fucking... holy god, so many good sounds. Save all that shit as presets, and mail them to me. xD I really like what you've got going on here.

BlueAlpha14 responds:

I told Mysterious Presence I would attempt some melody. I'll have to look through my synth library to find something that would work.
Thanks so much for the feedback, I'll certainly mail you the files for the stuff I've used. I'm really glad you like this track.


Rated 1 / 5 stars

Hello friend ! =3

Melodies :
Now I know you're capable of making melodies, I heard one in This Is The End, so you ought to add one to your track. I'm sorry but there is just none. There's a sound effect, and then there's the dubstep moment, but the non-dubstep parts in dubstep musics are meant to be for melodies. You should work on one, that will remain Dinosaurs' melody.

Instruments :
The sound effect at the beginning is great mate, but it's played too many times. It's like you found a cool effect, and you wanted to show us how great it is for 28 seconds. Both your kick and your snare are too weak, you should higher their volume. The transition with the voice at 0:28 seems inappropriate : it's about dinosaurs, there can't be humans. Your mixing is okay, but try to vary your dubstep effects.

Personality :
The track suffers from a lack of melodies and of variations. Without melodies, the track looses a huge part of what it should be, because melodies are maybe the most important things in music. Without a melody, we can't remember this track forever, and this is what you should be aiming for.

Melodies : 0/2
Instruments : 1/2
Personality : 0/1

Sorry for the low score, I'm really not trying to make you angry, just trying to help ! I'm sure you'll continue progressing. =)

BlueAlpha14 responds:

I'm guessing you haven't heard much riddim/darkstep? Some of it does lack melody. I am capable of a melody, yes. But this type of music doesn't use much of one.

Where did you hear a sound effect at the beginning? That's a bass instrument and sub bass lol.

I thought I should've brought the volume up on the drums but every time I raise them I get feedback saying it's not necessary for them to be loud and when I lower them I get feedback saying they need to be louder. I guess I'll need to play around with the mixer.

Sound bytes usually have nothing to do with the title of the song. If you listen to brostep as much as I, you would realize they're polar opposites of one another. There could be humans, Jurassic Park? XD I could add a dinosaur clip on the second transition, I'll just have to find one.

For the sake of your feedback, I'll at least try a melody or chords.

Thanks for the feedback though, it's always helpful to get mixed opinions.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Better. Much better.
But your sub bass is too low. I barely feel it from my subwoofer, and it's not audible at all. Try raising it an octave.
Your snare could be a lot more present, too. Not only should you raise the volume, add a noise layer behind it (I think you know what I mean).
The percussion leaves a lot to be desired. Where's the hats? Where's the cymbals?
Nothing seems wrong with your mixing, though,besides the two things I mentioned.
This needs at least a few more hours of work, and it could potentially be impressive. I'm actually impressed how much you have improved.

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BlueAlpha14 responds:

For someone who's been listening to my work for months, I'm glad I'm actually impressing you. Especially for someone who's been making audio for a long time.
I thought a sub bass was supposed to be "detectable" and not "audible". In the beginning isn't it heard? I didn't keep it on for a full bar almost like it was a release.
You've told me before that drums don't need to be loud, so I kinda left them alone (except the two kicks at the beginning, the waveforms are rather small and quiet compared to the one I used in the drop).
Cymbals are actually going to be added when I finish the project, probably right before the first growl. I also have some risers I'm going to use so the thing doesn't sound like 3 songs clashed into one. I'll play around with some other percussions, I'm sure I have a fitting hat in my library somewhere.
My mixing isn't as good as some, though. I've been noticing a lot of things people will complain about is the mixing, even with professional artists.
This is just a base of what the final will be, I'll be sure to add more bang for the final project. I'm trying to not add so much at once, only gradually as I go along.
Thanks for the review, I'll add some more drums and rework the bass a little, as well as fix that snare.