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King Flying Banana part 1

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Author Comments

My CPU crashed, so it's unfinished. I say it has some kind of superhero feel to it. Enjoy!


omg this is awsome!

it kinda sounds like mario music at one point!but yeah,it does sound a but like a mix a Jurassic Park and Superman.nice job!I hope soon a bunch of music makers liek you will come along!

SHADOWFOX2 responds:

Mario music huh? Well that's a first, but yeah, it is what it is. I think there are already people like me who make music. Thanks for your ears darkkiller9007 =^_^=


I usually blow off 2-3 points for seeming to copy other people's work (even if you didn't mean to really copy Jurassic Park and Superman, it sounds a LOT like them). But this was done so well, I couldn't possibly take off a single point!

After the 2 minute mark, this was done so perfectly. The beginning was good, but sounded like something I'd expect from just an excellent NG audio artist. The rest sounded like a professional's work!

I've just never heard anything of such quality on Newgrounds. I really am impressed.

SHADOWFOX2 responds:

LOL, I hope people listen to my stuff with headphones, 'cause I do panning, bass and everything. This was done during the wintertime, so I wanted to stick that feeling in there, which is why if you listen closely, you can hear the rush of wind I put in there at around 2:00. Then later on, I think I added on the sea sound as well as the french horns came in. It kinda went from winter holiday at night to calm seas at night, but that's just what I was thinking about. Then the suspense came later on, and I was building, 'cause then I was gonna put in the last half of the song, which was supposed to be like the Justice League theme. Either way, it was gonna be awesome...the I found out that I could only have 4 KBs worth of music if I was gonna submit it. That, and soon after I submitted it, my CPU crashed, thanks to my parents, and the Geek Squad. Anyways, that's pretty much what I had in mind for this thing. But I was doing it for an animation about a flash cartooned named King Flying Banana. But that's it, thanks again for your reviews CoryLehan =^_^=


Why am i hearing Jurassic Park lol? Also reminds me of a medley between superman and jurassic park, for some reason. Never the less keep it up, was a interesting listen


SHADOWFOX2 responds:

Well Decerto, you're the only person so far who's pretty much nailed this song down. It's pretty much a mixture of Jurassic Park and Superman. I wanted it to sound all heroic and whatnot, so I kinda directed it towards Superman, but it ended up sounding like Jurassic Park too without me meaning to. But yeah, the end was definitely supposed to be hero like in every way possible...LOL, you've got a good ear =^_^= Thanks for the review!!

Very Nice

The first thing that popped into my head was Jurassic Park :p But although it may resemble JP, its not a rip off. Good job, i liked this piece very much :)

SHADOWFOX2 responds:

LOL, join the club. Apparently I was thinking about it when I did this without meaning too, which is why not all of it sounds like it, but I'm starting to realize it more and more as you guys reviewed...LOL, just the couple of trumpet parts sounded like it LOL...thanks for the review, and as long as I'm not getting money for this, I should be safe...right?...RIGHT!? O_O Haha thanks for the review Wabb.....RIGHT!?

Not a rip off

Call it appropriation of J. Williams and be done with it. Artists do it all the freakin time. And I love when the theme swells at around the 3:50 mark. Very, very sweet.

SHADOWFOX2 responds:

LOL, at least SOMEONE knows it's not a ripoff...thanks for the review though. If my CP udidn't crash before I was done with this half, I would've been able to do better with this, but hey...yeah, around the 3:50 mark was pretty much supposed to be the exciting part, but then it kinda just cuts off. I wanted to put it all together, but the restrictions on KB's kinda made me divide them. I'm not done with the other half yet...thank again for the review TheAmu! =^_^=

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4.37 / 5.00

Jan 17, 2007
10:44 PM EST
File Info
3.8 MB
4 min 46 sec

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