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can you recognize some bounc3 flavor in it.


an enjoyable tune. Not really 'special' though.

Been listening to this for nearly half an hour and unlike the other one, it's actually growing on me.

Question: at the end, does it say, "That wasn't the sound of DJ Max"? What an odd thing to say...

Anyway, I kinda liked the lack of an obvious melody and the way all the notes sorta sounded like they were being hit repeatedly rapidly. It kinda made it more of a 'background' piece than your other one - kinda brings to mind a racing game tune or maybe a tune for a shooting game. With proper looping it may suit that purpose perfectly. At the same time, it's ripe for dancing to. In fact, I just got up and danced to a couple of loops in the middle of this paragraph.

Not got much to criticise about this piece, apart from the lack of seamless looping (though that might preclude the sample you have here...).

Basically, I did enjoy it and could happily keep listening to it, but even after over half an hour, it didn't really feel 'special'.

~review request club~

DnX-Danefex responds:

yeah. i was trying to go for a style that was sort of goa and sort of happy trance. and this is what i pulled out of my ass.lol thx for the review


the 'bounce flavor' was the exact same synths that bounc3 used in 'Paradise in E' in the exact key. pretty much the same intro synths too. and for that i give it a 7 in originality. But yea i gotta say i liked it. Kind of lacked a melody. But since you're a new guy i'll cut you some slack. Oh yea, i didnt like the kick either, as quiet as it was. Check out my music too


DnX-Danefex responds:

no prob, thanks for the review ill work on my kick and yeah it kinda did miss out on a melody

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Jan 17, 2007
6:13 PM EST
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