TIGER M - Licious (More Than Delicious)

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New Sound Productions

Composed initially in 2007 at nearly nine minutes-club length for the looong-drive,
This tune came into fruition in
Cakewalk Kinetic as DAW with Sony, SourceForge and Traktor.
With house rhythms acoustics, piano and distorted (but carefully balanced) synthesizer notes
and elements this tune later debuting as an album track-- initially came into
existence as an ideological concept to peacefully and memorably go about
resolving an intriguing discussion at one venue regarding which "liscious" songs
should be played at the venue from the compilation company "Promo Only" selections available.
An idea for an original tune and melody sparked within me and I made Promo Only contact
for the very first time in the year 2007 and did something I certainly hope You all may enjoy. =)

Although "radio friendly;" ASCAP, BMI and SESAC "Promo Only" Compact Discs
[Promo Only is name of the company] issue what is called a blanket license for
an assortment of DJs, hostesses, hosts, entertainment proficients, and venue owners.
The discs by the venue owner (this one a skating rink and arcade machine establishment)
[with cool 'lighting accommodations' -- while DJing the lights I liked to work =3]--
the disc playlists were all marked! The debate (between listeners not the owner and I)
began in the DJ Booth: "Play 'this song'!" "No play that song!"
The venue owner calmly: "...I'm chuckling... I don't take requests. Just be sure
and don't put on the marked songs right now because..." and so it went.

So that's where "don't take requests." came from. ^^; But I (underline) was not "Tiger"
and "You're a damn good DJ" I heard more than once at the venue I returned to in 2007 and '08.
I did not ever put on any of the 'marked' songs as requested by the venue owner--even once.
When songs I could not play at the time were requested by any listener--
I would check the list and name the songs I could play -- or surprise-play a song
I did after explaining "I can't play that right now" which usually started a discussion.
Often I would help those music requesting to review my own very broad CD and mp3 collection.
Until told, "Don't play that" (although I had an idea of what not to play -- and usually didn't)
generally listeners responded well to what I put on [and would ask titles of unknown songs] at
the Family Fun center over a very memorable summer (of which once I played from 8 AM to 10 PM oo)

Back to the tune--after composing this track though
Not proficient in Flash (or Dreamweaver or Adobe-anything in 2007--)
I thought about three toons on a farm in a secret barn having this HUGE Robot
that worked in parts but as a whole together they were "Licious" (More Than Delicious vibe =3)
They sit and have a meal--talk--then BOOOM! Argue "which is MORE 'Licious!"
Then save the world

When the family actually DOES WORK Together-- the country-fab blonde,
brunette and black-haired trio [mother daughter and father country family]
can SAVE lives and stop intergalactic and planet-threatening nemesises in a
"G-Force" or "Captain Planet" [Power Rangers =3 ^^;] style =3
...And when their good and collective more-than-delicious "licious" set of
heroic-and cosmic-powers clash!--
The conflict EXPLODES!! implodes... ! ...then implodes again... before
They sit and have tea together
...then EXPLOSION that BLASTS plates and Bar Animals everywhere! *The new start*
*sighs* I "phear" I have written more than the description boxes here will allow again--

Please enjoy the track and Happy New Year! =^_^= Thank You for Listening

Forever In Love With All That Which Exists,
(That Which Is Seen & Unseen, Known & Unknown)
- Writer, Artist, Musician, DJ, Producer, Eternal Student & Being of Existence,
-BAM! P.E.F. WAM! D.A.P. DJ, TIGER M ^_~* Tiger M. Gales writing on [Sincere Day 2016! ^^ ~ =) ~ =3 =3 ^_^]
-8:35 PM (Monday December 26th, 2016) [Eastern Standard Time, North-of-Equator, U.S.A.]

P.S. *Waves hands* Peace and Tranquility =^^; (doubt all this will fit desc-bx...)
Stay Awesome! =D


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