And So This Story Goes

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The story of a year is told in this song - reviews are appreciated. =)



I really like the tone of this track. The harmonies are very pleasing to the ear and wow...how about that piano! One thing I must suggest is getting a new string VST because the one that you used is really cheap sounding. I think if you had more realistic sounding strings it could add so much to this track. I also didn't get that trancy feeling but it's great anyway. Nice work on this. I hope 8 is okay..

"Create your own musical revolution"

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Karco responds:

Hey, Swift-Reason! Yeah, this was one of my better songs at the time, though I've improved since then. =) A little bit of ego never hurts from time to time, so I'll agree that the piano was an especially nice burst of genius. =P

Yeah, those strings that came with FL are really annoying... but they're the ones that worked the best at the time. Hopefully, I'll get better ones before I have to use them again. >_<

I was going for my "own" sort or style of trance... yeah, it's not very similar to the commercial trance you hear ofen.

Hmm, a 6 for diversity? I can see your logic, but that's a bit low... =( The feeling I was trying to get across in this song was the "again??" feeling, every time I changed something, i.e. expanding on piano, the melody, the drums, etc. There are three sections to this song, in my opinion... from the beginning to the end of the part before the second piano pattern, from there until the end of the part before the second set of drums, and from there until the end. ;) And there's a change, subtle or obvious, in each section. My guess is the song might have dragged on, as I can imagine this song being half its length. But this is a story I'm depicting, and it's NOT 2 minutes long! XD

Hey, Swift-Reason - NEVER be uncertain about your ratings. If you think I deserve an 8, then I deserve one! It's always up to the reviewer. ;)

Thanks for the review, Swift-Reason! =D

Sweet actually

It sounds awesome, though too FruityLoop again like most of the stuff here on Newgrounds :(
The composition has a very nice touch though, but I don't think this is an 9 or a 10 people!
8/10, 3/5

ps: good job on the piano scores. The clarity was a little less though, it gets noisy on the lower frequences

Karco responds:

Awww... a 3? Are you sure? =( I thought I did a better job on this than that. But I guess I can't choose my own score.

I definitely do feel proud of that piano. =) Nothing else to add. Thanks for reviewing.

Good Work

Yeah, I liked the overall mood of this piece a lot. I agree that the strings didn't fit towards the beginning, I think because of the sound quality being substantially lower than the rest of the tracks. I liked the kick, but I think a couple fills would spice it up a tiny bit more, but overall a very nice piece indeed. Thanks for reviewing my stuff btw.

Karco responds:

Yeah, I'd have to agree the strings didn't fit. I'd have to say it was because this was originally intended to be a much more depressing song. Then it jumped up into a sort of dancier/trancier song with a "going home" sort of attitude. Your reasoning, however, with the quality not being the same, is a new one. I can see your logic. Hmm.

Glad you like it, thanks for reviewing my songs! Just one question... this is so far down my audio page! If it was that I told you to, bleh. I can't remember. Thanks for reviewing anyway. =)

Awesome bouncy AND stylish music!!!

Cool another sweet music. The start is very nice... Analizing step by step:"Oh here comes the drums & kicks. Yeah.. pretty good overall until now. Having a good feeling, even though, it's a "sad" melody, i really want to dance to this. Oh, there's a break now... breaks are really essencial on eletronic musics. And now there's a pianoi solo?? woahh coool, i always wanted to do that but the piano never fits or it just vanishes in the music(too low =/). Now comes a pretty cool part, with another piano solo. Nice drums there... and yes the perfect ending... with the piano of course =)."
Now, what's hard to use on eletronic musics are pianos and guitar. But when you use them right, they just rock!!! Until now, i only succeded with the guitar. Realllllyyy nice. =D (5/5)
Could you check out my new songs please? ^^' i really want reviews... nobody reviews my songs =P

Karco responds:

Aah... more reviews are ALWAYS a good thing, no matter what song. =) This is the third review I'm responding to today, which sets me in an especially good mood. =D

It's not necessarily a piano solo as much as it's a piano harmony. You know what I mean? The only real "piano solo" is the ending, as it fades out.

Yeah, sure, I'll definitely check out your songs sometime... though right now homework's giving me trouble. >_< Please don't get on my case if it's been a few days... just send a friendly PM as a reminder if it's been a while. ;) Thanks for reviewing!


So your attempt to make a happy song. Okay so kinda starts really dark. I'm anticipating a happy moment anytime soon. Ahh there is your buildup. Piano comes in and now more sad than dark. Did your year (2006) suck or something? :) This is an emotional depressing song. You said it would be happy. Well at least it isn't mainly a dark song. I'm surprised you made this song before NOVA. You also got a review from Zero-bass which is a real compliment. I like the song, but too sad for me. Arg! I have a midterm tomorrow. Hope I'm not this said after I do the midterm. Okay so I think you put alot of effort to master the organ and piano. Quite a rare occurance to see organ in any electronic song. Originality...very good because of that. Good clarity. So umm that means 10/10 straight out. Only suggestion...make it more happy. This is totally opposite to happy. Okay bye for now.

Karco responds:

Yeah, that year didn't go well at times. Mind you, there were good parts to it - this isn't a song of the year overall, but rather I was focusing on the story from its beginning (January 2006) to the latest significant event in that story, in December 2006. Know that's not the ENTIRE story... I'm very likely to continue on this someday. Likely within the month.

This song was originally intended to be a depressing song, which is probably why you think it is one... but the song - on its own, actually - turned into what is in my opinion an uplifting one. I just couldn't stick to my original idea... but if you think I did, okay. Sure, ok. =P It was mostly the piano... I can see why you think it's sad-sounding, though towards the end I think it sounds definitely more uplifting. Hmmm.

So you're surprised that I made it before Nova... you think it's better? I can see why you would.

Yeah, ZB reviewed this song... it was because I asked him to, but it's definitely flaterring nevertheless. =D There's actually no organ in this song... I guess it's just the sound of the instruments combined. Hmm.

A midterm? Good luck! I hope you do well on it. If you're reading this response, you're better off studying! >=( Close that window! Now! XD

I definitely should try harder to make a happier song one day. It's likely it won't happen for a long time, unfortunately, as my subconsious is really the thing in control over the attitude of my songs and I've been in this style for more than a month now... but I'll try. =) Thanks for reviewing!

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