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The Scrap Boy

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A collaboration with the magnificent Nai

when she gave me the story i was very excited to arrange it into music :)... i like metallic and mechanical sounds


In a certain world
there was a young boy
who lived with his family
happily and lovingly

you see, this certain boy
is a brilliant inventor
he loves to build robots from scraps
so he often went to the junkyard alone

One Day the young boy went out
To scavenge spare parts in the junkyard
While searching around
He happened upon a broken down robot

but to his surprise
the machine functions still
desperately it teaches out
moving its rusty appendage

then it spoke in a broken tone
"Please give me a new soul"
The young boy was kind an innocent
he agreed to give it his soul
He had another reason as well
he was curious to see
the world through the eyes of a machine

all that was left
was a robot with a doll
is it a robot
that has a new soul?
or was it a boy
who've lost his own

(la la la...)

A long time has passed
A sad lonely boy came to the junkyard
Wandering aimlessly until he found
A broken down robot

But to his surprise
The robot functioned still
Desperately it tried to speak
Reaching out to the boy

It pleaded and it begged
"Please give me a soul"
And without a second thought
the boy agree agreed to give it his soul

For he had no friends nor family
the boy felt unwanted
and upon hearing this
the robot remembered a memory

A long time ago
there was a boy who gave his soul
to a robot out of kindness
but was naive was the
he paid so dearly for

He went home to see his family
in grief, for their lost child
they chased him away
for they thought that
he was the robot that took their son away

Soon the boy grew to despise
and hate his robotic shell
but he realized
that he was the robot
he lived in regret
of what he's done

He decided that he will not take the boy's soul
For He does not want the same fate for the boy
and instead he gave the boy his doll and ask to love it in its place
and then he felt his souls fading away.
He was breaking down

Then the boy took the little broken parts
and he built a tiny robot
that ran on electricity instead of souls

and the boy will never be alone again
for he made two new friends
the doll, the robot, and the boy
lived together Happily :)

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very cool story

Woah... Deep.

steampianist song with a happy ending? rare

No I'm a man I CANOT CRY

Hypnotic Travel process is back for more! This time, WITH LYRICS!

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Dec 23, 2016
2:33 AM EST
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