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So I've been a lot of feedback from people saying my songs had no bass in them, so I emphasized my use of bass in this song more so than others.
Also, I've introduced myself to the Soundgoodizer, and we've had a lot of fun together. If I'm not mistaken, I've applied him to NEARLY every instrument in this track, including the drums. It's fun.
This song is a cluttered mess because everything is loud and colliding with one another, and I'm pretty sure I got the chords wrong at a certain part, but I'm still okay with it, and glad to have gotten it done.
So I guess I'm supposed to make a real, official attempt at a professional song for Carbon...


This sounds like it's clashing and the melodies at the start sound repeatedly off-key, they hardly sound worked-on at all. I hear mostly one beat the first half of the song, and another right after the drop. The hithat/snare (couldn't tell which) later on in the song is too loud.

Summary:The first half sounds like you focused on base and melodies, second half sounds like you focused on the drop and the chords after it, and I don't hear the kind of percussion that sounds like you actually tried to do some variation, unlike Lithium.

SirHadoken responds:

I did have around 8 different drum patterns, but all of them were too similar to one another to even show any real difference.
The clashing has to do with the fact that I applied the Soundgoodizer to everything, which is a huge no-no. No matter what I did with a few of the melodies, there were certain parts that didn't sound like they fit the key at all, no matter what I did with them. I couldn't find sounds that corresponded with one another well enough. I mainly focused on bass this time around, but I need to not forget the lessons I've learned in other songs; frankly, I'm unsure whether or not those things I've learned in the pasts are anything more than lucky mistakes.
I hadn't planned on giving up until I have a little bit more practice; perhaps I really should stick to what I'm good at and move on already, but I need to learn more about FL Studio and how to use it before I can do that.
I appreciate that you've stuck with my releases and carefully reviewed each and every one of my most recent ones; the constructive criticism has redirected me numerous times, and I'm finally realizing all of the different elements you have to put together to make a song that doesn't sound like trash, and it's got a LOT of depth to it. It didn't help that this song was horribly rushed because I wanted to get it out there before my life got devoured by final exams, but in retrospect, it would've been a better idea to wait.

I like the simplicity of the song, but maybe lengthen it a bit more next time, and the change in music from 1:22 to 1:23 when removing the instrument seems a bit too noticeable. Love how you names it Boron though:)

"I've applied [Soundgoodizer] to NEARLY every instrument in this track"...Please don't do that.

I know it's tempting, but using Soundgoodizer like that just says to every other producer in the room, "I just don't care anymore." Doing that is precisely why the whole song sounds cluttered. Instead of smartly applying saturation and EQ to make each element stand out, you used a very basic tool with no hope of fine-tuning. I KNOW it's a pain in the ass, hell, I struggle with it myself, but learning how to make a clean mix is the most rewarding pain in the ass there is.

Catchy melody and beat, though. Please continue to make music.

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SirHadoken responds:

I hadn't planned on giving up any time soon; the whole point of this whole atomic thing is for practice on music production. I didn't want to make the Soundgoodizer something I applied to every single instrument, but everything just sounded so EMPTY without it. Of course, this somewhat sounds too full; everything in the song conflicts itself and there's no balance to it at all. I have no idea what saturation and EQ are; I've only been making music for a few months and the Soundgoodizer is the only thing I've learned about without being taught from August to now.
I appreciate the review, I'll consider all of these things once I figure out how to apply them. It's not that I don't care; one of the reasons why this sounds so unfinished is because my final exams are this week and I didn't have much time to perfect this without waiting a whole week, which, in retrospect, would've been a better thing to do.
I hope to explore FL a little bit before I try to make any other song, so I can have knowledge and experience in a little bit more than the 15% of FL Studio's full capabilities I'm able to apply now.

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