Need Less To Say pt. 1

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Track 1 of a big collaborative EP with Rampant on the beats.

This is called Need Less To Say. And basically it's a one-song album. I started writing a track with a rhyme scheme I became addicted to. It just kept growing until it ended up being 10,292 words long (NOT counting the reverse-versions some of the tracks include). Anyway Rampant witnessed the whole ordeal as my head exploded with bars, and offered to do up some beats for me to unload on. Here's the first installment.
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This started out as a line written for one song//
And metamorphosized into something'iiii couldn't'con_trol//
It didn't make any sense when I wrote this//
Butchu aint gotta be rich to be homeless,//

I'mma spit it to you crystal clear, and you betta listen'//
You don't have to be fishermen just to diss a pier//
And'you don't need to know Winnie to see a meteor...
Or be more terrified justa become inferior//

...you aint need to go poking fun at Plinarians-//
To be considered a fuckin' disciplinarian//
If it ain't something Mark already did twice it ain't remarkable...//
...you ain't need a car to be autotuned//

You do not need to be not me's to be not you's//
You do not need to be not you's to be not me's//
You do not need to be not me's to be not Sue's//
You do not need to be not Sue's to be Nazis//

You do not need to go move out to Dallas, Texas'//
'And become a prison guard to say you- discipline Aryans//
You do not have to be A's to be not B's//
You do not have to be B's to be Na_zi's//


...yeah, cuz youuu helpin' out on the farm'a'bit//
It does not make you a certified fuckin farm-assist//
...cuz you helpin out on the ark a bit? Noah does not make you a qualified archaeologist//

Still a decent display of showmanship//
You do not have to be boat-showers for showmanship//
You do not need to be funny to be a kamikaze//
You do not need to be funny to be a comic-Ozzy//

...Yeah...Or be angry to be'benevolent//
...Or to be angelic for me to send you to heaven bitch//
But you may need two hands to be called handy//
Butchu ain't need onnne leg to be out'standing//

There is No Use For a Name of your punk band //
There is no use to explainnn what I'm sayinnn//
...No use for copy machinesss to'repeat thangs//
...No use for Zombie machines to repeat BRAINSSS'//


If you Chris and you Biggie Smalls then you Christopher Wall_ace//
If you Chris and without a car then you Christopher Walken//
If you Chris and you got some cards then you Christopher all in//
Look who waltzed into the bar- den you Christoph'who Waltz'ed in//

Look atchu- turning yo children into microwaves//
Like "Oooh, the host of Dirty Jobs- look, it's Mike Rowe, wave!"//
... You do not need to be true...//
...For me not to_believe you...//

And Alzheimers you don't know your own_name//
All nighters you don't neeeeeed to know day//
And alrighters you dont need to be okay//
And Alzheimers you don't know_your own name//

There's no reason for being de-fensive//
If your true intentions are only to disassemble a fence kid//
But if you do it you gonna become defenseless//
And you gon' need to start getting on the offensive//


And yo- we on a basis you don't need to know//
And I got the answers thatchu seek and you don't even know you need em tho
but ay -//
To'become successful be'come someone who sucks less//
To be unsuccessful become someone who'snot Teq//

Yo state don't even need a bullet train//
Know what I mean Teq is up in yo area I'm makin bullets rain//
There is no fun intended...//
There is no pun, in 10 dead//

'You ain't gotta'be made a metal an' get me in to be conquistadors//
...Or an Eastern mollusk whom we adore
....Or to need a garden to be a ho//
....Or to be a florist to be a ho//

....Or to be a camel to be a toe//
...Or to be a mammal to need a nose//
...Or to be in need of a needle nose//
Needless to say's a redundant phrase you don't need'a know//

Hey Let's Run This Science Experiment


Wordplay abounds! So boundless it's bound to come around to all these clowns, eh?

I love the way it wraps back around to the beginning by going backwards. Straight genius fire!

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This is witty as hell. Could be a bit better mixed. Vocals aren't sticking out very well.

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