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T-Logic - The Ritualist

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This project was started in September 2016 in Logic Pro X, and finished in December. Unfortunately, my school's computers were upgraded over the summer, erasing a lot of the cool samples in Logic that can't be downloaded without an administrator password. I still managed to throw this together over the course of several sessions in the music studio, mostly concentrated either before or after breaks (Thanksgiving, etc.). Hopefully I'll be able to produce more consistently next semester since I'm taking a composition class. ^^ Until then, thanks for listening! The piece sounds somewhat non-shitty WITH HEADPHONES. :)

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This one's another quick favorite of mine that you've done. Love the percussion (so cool) and the Japanese instruments inserted in here! You've inserted quite an assortment in this. Definitely a fusion, one that's a really good listen. I've been listening to some of your tracks today on headphones the entire time. Absolutely not shitty, lol.

I like everything about this one, overall. I'm glad you managed to pull through on completing this despite the computer problems. This would be very cool and interesting for video game soundtrack material. ^_^

TaintedLogic responds:

Wow! Thanks for all the reviews, my friend. Anything can sound Japanese if you use the right scales, haha. I master most of my tracks with headphones, so I think they end up sounding more balanced with headphones. I need to check out your music now - you've just made my day! :D

I like it its pretty cool sounding. Kinda sounds like a video game/chinese/japanise/soft rock song.
I wish I had logic pro I just have Ableton live lite. I also want FL studio but thats beside the point. like I said before cool song not your best but isn't like, horrible or anything needs a little more melody I've never seen a song with Other - fusion before.

TaintedLogic responds:

Thanks so much for the review, man! I recommend both Logic and FL Studio. Logic's a bit more intuitive to use if you have experience with Garageband, though. I felt "fusion" was the most fitting genre for it since it combines elements of hip-hop, rock, and electronica. Thanks again for stopping by. ;)

This is actually really cool! First seconds already caught my interest :D
I would love to drink to this, in a pub. That's how you know it's a good piece ;D

No but seriously, this is such an interesting blend of sounds! And pretty catchy melodies too, and most importantly the rhythm! I love all the basslines too, and the way they are occasionally emphasized :O
The guitars (the strummed one, if it is indeed a guitar, and the one that seems electric, or in the very least has some amplifier effect on it; in that case it doesn't even necessarily ahve to be a guitar).
Once again, the arrangement is what catches my interest the most, here. So many cool instruments, like some synths and the organ, all which blend together perfectly, with some atmospheric sounds. I don't even know what genre to call this! I guess that is why it's fusion ;p

This doesn't really sound dissonant either, despite all the intereting harmonies and melodies you concocted.

My one critique is that if you're going to give us such an undefined ending, with some new synth rhythms/melodies jsut popping up, and then just fading out, you might as well have looped this! Since it works perfectly as background music, and it's be difficult to tell where it starts and stops, this could be an absolutely wonderful ost, for a game of the mystery/atmospheric type. Or just, you know, playing in the background while grabbing a few drinks xD

Either way, this is one of my favorites from you! I'm glad I got to hear a new piece from you, this close to the end of 2016. Really nicely done ^ ^

TaintedLogic responds:

Thanks so much for the kind words, LSD! I was pretty happy with the intro myself, and I'm glad the sounds blend well together. I didn't know what genre to call it either! XD The rhythm may seem so interesting because the entire track is written in 3/4 time, although the pre-chorus melody at :19 is 2 measures of 4/4, so I just added an extra beat after the melody played in order to synchronize them. ^^ That's also probably why the bass sounds so exposed at :24. If you listen for the heavily reverberated, distorted clap during that section, it plays on every 3rd beat. I totally agree about the ending, too. It was entirely lazy of me.

"I would love to drink to this, in a pub. That's how you know it's a good piece" --> If you could somehow leave reviews anonymously on NG, this is how I would know it was from you. ;D

Thanks again for the review, Ale! ^^

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Dec 15, 2016
8:38 PM EST
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