TIGER M - Track 11 (The Promised Track)

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New Sound Productions

Don't take this one too serious =)

Composed in 2006 as the briefest album track recorded by Tiger M Gales [yus =3]
this is the only audio from " Yo, Sexy! ... "
(full of lengthy progressive dance and house tunes)
that is unreleased today this-point-in-time so
here it is-- all eleven-seconds of it ^___^
half-jesting-and-half-serious on this one [read the story?] (You may =3)

(If wanted *points down =3)

I was having [had... a conversation with a listener in 2006
and previous years (Don't rate mean ).(
when mentioning the upcoming album with ten tracks...

"I thought you always had twelve or eleven" -- "...always" stuck with me...
[until 21-track Dizzy Yang-Yin was released later] ...so I put this tune
if you can call it that -- outro really; onto the album.
(that's the "and-half-serious" part)

The Descendents (whom I learned about in stepchart form)
"I Like Food" -- a silly short song complete with a mock-radio introduction
came to mind and I wondered if I did my best "Skindred " impression and
went-to ROCK the title (... ) -- I'd just ' hollar ' "TRACK ELEVEN!" and be done. = ...well
I didn't. =3

Instead of a one second yell (the album has 10 minute and twelve min. length songs)
"after-track-ten" -- the physical album DID get 11 tracks as this 11 second debut
made the two-hour compact disc limit as an artistic debuting decision for
the 2006 album composition "Yo, Sexy! (Welcome To My World)" which felt good =)
Me jamming on instruments all-at-once in a single burst energetically put
onto all audio channels at one time instead of
what I often do composing (continued and timed progression) as a means
to build a thrill was indeed intriguing but is also musically for me--
"half-jesting" as it was simply silly =B

...And the track got done! =D
Not a lot of time placing to render so Just "WENT for it ^^;

You might and may not like this and You might and may just:
I present to You " Track 11 (The Promised Track) " which is
one of my last creations in 2006
[render winter was around December
as T-Release one-hundred 16 for 2016!.

Feel free to remix this =3 ^^; Seriously! ^^
Full song =3 This seriously is Not a loop ^_^
(I am laughing = ^_^ -- this one my shortest tune ever prepped-for

Forever In Love With All That Which Exists,
(That Which Is Seen & Unseen, Known & Unknown)
- Writer, Artist, Musician, DJ, Producer, Eternal Student & Being of Existence,
-BAM! P.E.F. WAM! D.A.P. DJ, TIGER M ^_~* Tiger M. Gales [Dec The Next! =) 2016! =) =F =B =3 =)]
-4:55 PM (Tuesday December 12th, 2016) [Eastern Standard Time, North-of-Equator, U.S.A.]

P.S. Stay Amazing! =D Thank You For listening =)
Checkout: TIGER M - Titles (Original Mix) [18 : 14]

Track 11...

Rhythm Shortage skit -- these two really are
more playful and-less "see-what-I-can-do!" *pant* *pant* *pant* *pant* =)

Have fun with these as they're for fun =)

TIGER M - Somewhere Over Space [aka Over Space]
And stay Awesome! =) ^_^ =D =)


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Dec 13, 2016
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