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A song.

(Intended for a VG soundtrack)

EDIT: I made it better by taking out all the bad melodies and putting in good ones instead.

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i hope this is helpful

johnfn responds:

This is really fun. :>

> You're a lot kinder than johnfn when it comes to judging sound design, it seems. :P
YEP. I still don't like the sound design at all. That's my biggest complaint. Seriously, just write a chiptune song. I would be soo happy :>

Also, I want to take a comb to some of your melodies and tighten them up a little. Sometimes, particularly at the ends of little melodies, you use a few too many notes. It seems redundant, like you're over-explaining the melody. It might be a fun exercise for you to try to take off a couple of notes on the end of random melodies, to see if the point still gets across (or is improved).

This is one heck of a step up, though. The 1:30 transition and then the triplet section is so good :3 Kind of reminds me of Waterflame actually, he used triplets all over the place lolz.


LunacyEcho responds:

=> sound design =>

Well... (tbh though there are lots of sounds here that i don't particularly like, either, especially that chordy synth at 1:51 :P)

=> chiptune =>

Okay, okay! Ironically, sound design is one of the things that scares me the most about chiptune though, since I can never get any of the tracks to sound chippy enough. :D

=> ends of melodies =>

Y'know, I've actually never thought of doing that before. :P Now that you mention it, it sounds like such a natural thing to do! I guess I really like sixteenth notes or something :D I am DEFINITELY doing this for my next few tracks.

=> Waterflame =>

Hoo man, that guy is one of my biggest inspirations (at the top of a long list including you, ofc). I'm honored to hear you say that! :D

Thanks for the review! And I hope you get your musical mojo back soon so you can go back to uploading ear candy into the Internet! :D


the sounds are all mixed together in a unique way
clap here guitar there
random odd noises here
piano here
more drum here guitar here

you get the point
all put together in a really nice way
the subtle swings were a nice touch

johnfn responds:

:) thanks rangis!

I like the jangly guitar sound. Sounds just inauthentic enough to be great for the video game. ^^ I thought the melody instrument at :49 was a bit overly-compressed (or maybe just a little heavy on mid-range frequencies), because it sounded a bit too forceful for the general mood of the rest of the piece. I also thought you overdid the reverb on the snare. You also start using a completely different drumset altogether at 1:37, which was a bit jarring IMO. Overall, this is a cute track with a lot of bizarre transitory moments that detract from it a bit. I also didn't like the silence at 2:24. It makes the track momentarily lose its flow. That said, the instruments fit their purpose well, and the loop is smooth. The mood is definitely my favorite part of the piece, though. Definitely appropriate for a cheesy indie game set in the countryside. Keep up the good work, Johnfn. ;)

johnfn responds:

Heh, well I suppose you caught on to the way this piece was written. I just kept on randomly adding and deleting sections, hence the odd transitions. I don't think they're thaaaat bad for the most part though... (The only one that really jars when I relisten is 2:17, there was really no lead up to that at all lol) And I really like the silence but it's super hard for me to judge how other people like it.

I really need a half-decent guitar VST.


Definitely would fit as the music for a main characters home in an rpg game or something.

johnfn responds:

Thanks! That is precisely what I intend it to be. :-)

This is some weird chiptune.

johnfn responds:

Yeah I think there was a rendering glitch. All the chiptune sounds got replaced with weird orchestral instruments.

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